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U.S. Presidential Betting Odds

U.S. Presidential Betting – Debates & COVID Change Odds?

U.S. Presidential Election betting odds favor Biden. Will the next debate and Trump’s recovery over COVID change the trajectory?

In early September, it appeared as if trends were moving towards President Trump’s reelection. Trump didn’t lead in the polls, but he had cut Joe Biden’s overall advantage to 5% nationally. That made Trump a solid play to win another four years in the White House.

Since then, things have gone south, at least in the polls, for the current Commander-in-Chief. A disastrous debate, as well as a COVID positive test, appears to have worked against Trump. But Trump seems to have beaten the coronavirus while every day Joe Biden makes more and more blunders.

Does that mean Trump has a chance to change the bet on Presidential Election trends one more time before November 3? Let’s take a deep dive into how and why the betting dollars can switch direction towards the President to grab another four years. Also, learn about a couple of bookie software tools you can use to manage the influx of White House betting action.

An aggressive debate pushed voters towards Biden

If Donald Trump loses the 2020 Presidential Election, he can point to one event where he made an incalculable mistake. In the first Presidential Debate, the current chief executive had a real chance to distinguish between the Democratic candidate and himself. 

All Trump had to do to make that distinction was to discuss issues while putting his fiery aggressiveness to the side. Although Trump’s performance undoubtedly emboldened his base, the Commander-in-Chief talked over moderator Chris Wallace so much and verbally battled an aging and feeble Joe Biden that most saw Trump as not much more than a blowhard.

That’s the reason so many Americans detest the former television star in the first place. Trump might be the most disliked President in modern U.S. history. That’s not a good moniker to carry. 

Trump couldn’t help himself. He attacked Biden to no end, and that, more than anything, is why presidential election betting players moved their action to Joe Biden. 

Will Trump getting over COVID, and resuming rallies change the wagering path?

If there exists a political toilet at the bottom of polls, Trump fell into it like a rock after the first debate. One poll had Trump behind Biden by 17 points. Most him down by at least 10 to 14 points. 

Trump also lost supporters in critical battleground states like Michigan and Wisconsin. Since Trump’s verbal shouting match disaster with poor Joe Biden, the current President has gotten COVID-19 and has beaten COVID-19. 

The President returned to the campaign trail about ten days after his coronavirus diagnosis. He looked excellent standing in front of cheering fans. Trump’s rallies continue to attract more supporters than anything close to what a Biden rally attracts.

That, along with the President’s quick recovery from COVID, appears to signal that betting dollars could go towards the sitting Commander-in-Chief in the last couple of weeks. There’s another reason bookies that offer free betting software to presidential odds players should beware wagers on Trump.

Former Vice President Biden and the free world’s current leader will go at it again on October 22. It’s the final chance for either candidate to make their case that they are the best choice to lead the country out of 2020 and into the next decade.

Based on recent events, Trump appears to have much more energy. Soon, election odds players will notice. If Trump takes his time in the next debate to distinguish between Biden and him, some voters could decide to jump to Trump.

Bookies must prepare for betting action on massive events like the U.S. Presidential Election. Preparation heats up in the final two weeks before the event. For the event on November 3, preparing for a Trump comeback is the best way to ensure players don’t call bookie agents on November 4 looking for massive payouts on Trump at overlay odds.  

Use Instant Action Ticker and layoff account to minimize odds on Presidential Election betting risk

PayPerHead offers a couple of tools to cut bookie agent risk on U.S. Presidential betting odds. The Instant Action Ticker alerts bookies once a player has made a wager. It’s a useful sports betting software tool. 

Pay per head agents should use the Instant Action Ticker to set up an alert. Then, once a big wager comes in on either Trump or Biden, agents can mitigate sportsbook exposure via the layoff account.

By doing so, per head agents ensure they keep their agent run sportsbook profitable. The United States Presidential Election is a 50-50 bet, which means nobody knows one-hundred percent for sure who U.S. citizens will choose as their next Commander-in-Chief. 

Offer U.S. Presidential Election odds through a top pay per head service

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