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Turn Sports Bettors into Casino Players

You can profit from your online casino; how to turn sports bettors into casino players

As the United States continues to open to sports betting, online bookies look for dollars from the four major sports leagues: the NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB. But football, basketball, hockey and baseball can carry sportsbook operators only so far. As the recent COVID-19 pandemic shows, relying on just the major sports leagues doesn’t make sense in a world where players can log-in and bet on sports, eSports, horses, elections, and in virtual and live casinos.

The trick about sportsbooks is to understand that most casual players bet on NFL and college football. Few casual players wager on the NBA, NHL, or baseball and other sports or events.

Yes, there are professional basketball, hockey, and baseball gamblers. But these players don’t make up the bulk of an individual sportsbook operator’s revenue. Football does. Why is that important to know?

Casual players stop wagering after football season. Once the Super Bowl ends in early February, revenue dries up for those online sportsbooks. Many successful Pay Per Head agents know this; and, it doesn’t have to be that way. You can get your players gambling on other things.

Most per head agents have turned their football bettors into casino players. For those of you who haven’t, this article is for you.

Why you should promote your online casino to your regular sports players.

When Bugsy Siegel created the Flamingo Hotel in 1946, it was all about entertainment and casino betting. To this day, Las Vegas hotel operators spend a great deal of money to get players to wager in their casinos. They don’t concentrate on the sportsbook because sports bettors remain unique customers, while everyone else bets in the casino.

There are other reasons why bookies should promote their online casinos. From a revenue and profit point-of-view, nothing beats casino wagering. Check out why casino wagering can lead to consistent profit.

All wagers, except for backup bets in Craps, have a house edge.

The house edge exists for every game in the casino. Even Baccarat provides a house edge. Only two wagers, both on Craps, provides an edge to the player. Casino bettors can backup their Don’t Pass Line and Pass Line bets.

But, there’s a catch with those wagers. Later on in this article, we’ll get into it.

In the long-run, no casino loses money.

Casinos are huge profit generators because they take the long view approach. Sportsbooks rely on single events like the Super Bowl and World Series. That’s not the same for casinos. They rely on small events to generate profit.

Every pull of a slot machine handle, every hand of blackjack, every roll of the dice and every spin of the ball. That’s what generates profit for a casino. In the long run, it adds up to massive profit, which is why no casino loses money. 

Slot machines are randomized.

Some claim that you can “time” a slot machine. The truth is, there is no feasible way to time a slot machine. It means that there’s no way for a player to get rich off a slot machine unless that player gets lucky.   

Casino players can wager anywhere.

Virtual casinos are open 24 hours a day, 7-days a week. Players can bet in an online casino whenever they wish. They mustn’t wait for sports leagues to set schedules for them. This freedom provides consistent, everyday revenue that, in the long-run, becomes profit.

Digital casinos are mobile.

Casino bettors can play on their phones, iPads, or whatever device they wish. They mustn’t travel to a brick and mortar location to make bets.

Online casino gaming provides consistent everyday revenue and profit.

Because making casino bets require small minimums, there is a chance bookies can make consistent, everyday revenue and profit. When a player bets on a sports event, they often wager at least $25.

That’s not true in the casino. Players can wager $5 or $10 hands of blackjack. All those $5 and $10 hands add up to big money!

24/7 Pay Per Head digital casino

Pay Per Head has a 24/7 digital casino. The digital casino offers over 20 games. It runs itself. As the owner, you must do nothing except use the APS for payouts. Your players bet when they feel like it.

Pay Per Head live dealer casino

We also offer a Live Dealer Casino. Many of your sports bettors will love the Live Dealer Casino. It provides an in Vegas-like feel.

Turn your sports bettors into consistent casino players

Now that you know why you must promote your online casino, let’s think about how to turn sports bettors into casino players. Once players who wager on sports get a taste of casino betting, most do both. That can double your revenue and increase your profit.

Think about how casinos are laid out.

All those $1 slot machines add up to big bucks. That’s why casinos place slot machines as customers walk in, while they walk on the paths to get to their hotel rooms, and even as they walk to the elevator area.

Table games are situated in the middle. You must approach your online casino in a different manner. Your casino is a virtual or live dealer casino, which means you can’t goad your players into wagering on slot machines.

Sports bettors that wish to wager on slot machines are great. But you don’t promote or encourage slot machine play. You, the bookie, must push table gameplay.

But before getting into that, let’s talk about slot players.

Casino players play slots.

Slot players play slots for a) to pass the time, or b) as a form of entertainment. A and B go hand-in-hand. You mustn’t worry about slot players. They need no education and most sports bettors won’t ever wager on a slot machine.

Sports bettors use skill to determine which team wins SU, ATS, or over/under the total points in a game. They use handicapping skills. Slot machines require no handicapping skill. That doesn’t mean you don’t mention that you offer slots. It does mean that you concentrate on promoting other casino games instead of slot machine play.

Market Pay Per Head Live Dealer Casino.

The Pay Per Head Live Dealer Casino is a great marketing tool that bookies can use to introduce their sports bettors to the casino. Betting with a live person reminds players of Vegas. That’s a good thing! Most players like that type of interaction.

Educate your players about the online casino.

Before getting into player advantages, it’s important that you know about casino games. You can’t educate your customers about the online casino unless you know about the games yourself. Let’s get to it!


Blackjack, or 21, is a game where players attempt to get as close to 21 as possible without going over. The dealer puts her first card face down. That’s where the .28% edge comes into play. Players must make decisions without knowing how close the dealer is to 21.

Blackjack is an easy game to play. In fact, it’s the most popular card game in the world. If any of your customers don’t know how to play Blackjack, it’s hard to envision anybody doesn’t, but, maybe, you do, refer them to the Blackjack WikiHow.


Most casino historians refer to Roulette as the first, true, casino game. A ball spins and then lands on a colored number. The colored number is either black, red, or green. The overall house edge in European Roulette, which is what Pay Per Head agents offer their players, is 2.7%.

It’s important that your players understand this. American Roulette has an overall edge of 5.26% due to double-zero. So, just by playing with you, casino players cut the house edge in half.

Check out the WikiHow on Roulette. There’s more to the game than betting on black or red. Roulette players use different strategies.


No doubt, of all casino games, Craps betting requires the most skill. Before getting into it, let’s go over the two bets that pay 6/5. Those two wagers are the back-up on the Don’t Pass Line and the back-up on the Pass Line.

Crap starts before the shooter rolls the dice. The croupier or dealer asks players if they’d like to make wagers. Most players bet on the Pass Line. Some bet on the Don’t Pass Line. A Pass Line bet wins if the number, or point, is rolled before a 7. The Don’t Pass Line bet wins if a 7 is rolled before the point.

Let’s say the shooter rolls a 6. Those who wagered on the Pass Line wins if a 6 comes up before 7. Those who wagered on the Don’t Pass Line win if a 7 comes up before a 6.

Players can back-up their Pass Line and Don’t Pass Line wager at 6/5 odds. There’s no house edge on a 6/5 bet. But, remember, the casino bettor must make a Pass Line or Don’t Pass Line wager before the shooter rolls the dice. The house edge on those two bets doesn’t go away.

There are all sorts of other wagers players can make on Craps. Use the 6/5 Pass Line and Don’t Pass Line odds wagers to get your players to make Craps bets. Craps is a wonderful game that can provide hours of entertainment.

Send the Craps Wiki to your players so they understand how much skill is involved. Also, they can learn how to place various wagers.


The least known of the casino table games, Baccarat requires players to make 1-of-3 wagers: on the Banker, the Player, or the Draw. Baccarat is an easy game to master. The house charges a fee when casino bettors wager on the Banker. That’s because the Banker wins more than the Player or Draw.

Baccarat is James Bond’s favorite casino game. Professional casino gamblers often play Baccarat. Here’s the Wiki on 0007’s most cherished pastime.

Those are the main casino games to promote. If you have any questions about your online casino, call us at 800-605-4767.

Online casino player advantages.

What’s the best way to turn sports bettors into casino players? Tell them about casino advantages. Let’s go through the list!

Players can choose between 24/7 digital casino gaming and live dealer casino.

Players can go with the 24/7 digital casino and play what and when they want. Or, they can play in the Pay Per Heard Live Casino and get that Vegas feel. It’s up to them.

No waiting on sports schedules or odds.

The casino is ongoing. It means players mustn’t wait for sports schedules or odds. They choose the games. They choose the time. That puts power into players’ hands.

No traveling.

Players can make casino bets in the comfort of their own homes. When they do travel, they can take the mobile casino with them.

Low minimums & fast play.

Casino games require low player minimums. That adds flexibility to a players’ bankroll. Also, gameplay is quick. It means players mustn’t wait 3 ½ hours, like when they wager on a football game, to know if they won or lost.

Sports bettors can use their wagering skills to bet in the casino.

One of the biggest draws for sports bettors is the challenge. It takes skill to make against the spread and over/under total wagers. It’s a challenge to figure out which team will cover the spread, or which team offers the fairest odds.

Casino table games provide a similar challenge. It takes skill to know when to hit or stand in Blackjack. Craps players use their understanding of odds to determine when to play the Pass Line, Don’t Pass Line, or what numbers to bet during a shooter’s roll.

Baccarat requires skill and feel. Will the draw show up on this hand? Is now the time to back the player?

Roulette is a major skill game. Most players don’t know that the worst long-term wager on the Roulette wheel is to bet on red or black. Why? The green zero blows a whole in the 50/50 fallacy. Also, players get odds on riskier wagers.

Convince players that they can use their sports betting skills in the online casino and you’ll watch your revenue and profit grow.

Give sports players something to do; encourage casino wagering.

During sports betting downtimes, players want something to do. The online casino is perfect for sports bettors to use their skills. Not only that but casino wagering requires minimal investment and puts power into players’ hands.

Encourage casino wagering. Before you know it, you will turn sports bettors into casino players, increase revenue, and profit more!

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