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Super Bowl Futures Betting

Super Bowl Futures Betting & How to Promote Them

Learn about Super Bowl futures betting in the 2020-21 season and the best way for bookies to promote them. Read our Super Bowl futures betting guide at PayPerHead.

Through all the issues during the COVID-19 pandemic, the NFL has been steadfast that a 2020-21 season is happening and staying on schedule.

That makes Super Bowl futures betting (AKA bets on an individual team to win the Super Bowl in 2021) the most certain wager in an uncertain time for sports bettors. While the NBA, NHL, and MLB struggle with timelines and playoff scenarios, the NFL is right on track with free agency, trades, and its Week 1 kickoff.

That means it’s never been more important to promote NFL wagers than in 2020. While Super Bowl betting should garner interest from bettors regardless, here are some tips on how to be a bookie as we head into the return of football.

All Super Bowl Futures Wagers are Action

While in North America things remain uncertain, all Super Bowl futures bets are action. No matter what happens to individual pro players in the 2021 season, underdog wagers on the Indianapolis Colts remain active as long as there’s a Super Bowl LV.

The general fear from new sportsbook players is that their sneaky-good wager on the New Orleans Saints will shift its odds in the house’s favor if division rival Tom Brady were to miss time. With Super Bowl betting, they can rest easy and make strategic wagers during this unique time in sports.

Best Futures to Promote

Part of the art of oddsmaking is to advertise the most enticing/impressive teams and their lucrative odds. Bettors should salivate at some of the below odds to win Super Bowl LV.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers +1000

While winning 6-of-11 Super Bowls as a New England Patriot, Tom Brady wreaked havoc on bookies for nearly two decades. 

Now he’s in Tampa Bay and gets to play with Mike Evans, creating one of the best quarterback-wide receiver duos ever. Terrific Tom also has his future-hall-of-fame tight end, Rob Gronkowski, back from retirement. The Bucs odds are an enticing +1000 to win the 2021 Super Bowl on the Pay Per Head software betting platform.  

Flash Brady in the Bucs red with those odds, and it should be difficult for bettors to resist making the Buccaneers their 2021 Super Bowl betting option.

New England Patriots +1200

Bill Belichick is the Patriots’ dynasty mastermind. Every move he makes sends shockwaves throughout the league. Most consider anything the third-winningest coach in NFL history does a Super Bowl-ready, “Belichickian”, move.

When 2015 MVP Cam Newton signed on June 28, the Patriots returned to the Super Bowl psyche of bettors and football fans alike. In one of the most uncertain offseasons in history, any reason for bettors to hop on the familiar is an easy way to promote Super Bowl futures.

Kansas City Chiefs +660

Bettors will always gravitate to the favorites, especially a favorite whose QB is the anointed one. Patrick Mahomes is fresh off his first Super Bowl, and Super Bowl MVP wins, and the Chiefs are still coming in at an enticing +660.

Indianapolis Colts +2200

The Colts as a top football bettor option may be an odd choice, but they represent the cruel effect COVID-19 has had on 2021 Super Bowl futures.

The bottom line? Indianapolis has managed Covid-19 positive rates as well as anybody. An exciting way to promote the 2021 Super Bowl is to discuss how COVID has, or will, affect players on Super Bowl favorites in the South, East, and West divisions.

Super Bowl Futures Odds at Risk

The main risk for 2021 Super Bowl futures is the fast effect COVID-19 could have on the weekly injury report. Generally, the quarantine period for COVID is two weeks, which in the NFL can make or break a season if a major contributor goes down.

Suddenly, Super Bowl favorites could lose their starting QB in the playoffs, leaving open a 9-7 underdog to ascend to the championship. That could make or break how bookies make money depending on the handle and the odds available.

The best advice is to keep track of the spread of COVID once the season kicks off and update or remove odds accordingly. Sharp bettors will jump at the chance to exploit any curveballs the pandemic may throw an NFL roster.

Set Betting Limits on Super Bowl Futures

The best way to handle Super Bowl wagering is to set max betting limits. Don’t allow players to wager more than $200 on any Super Bowl futures betting option.

Once the season starts, you may want to hedge. That could prepare you and your sportsbook in case you must make massive Super Bowl LV payouts.

Sign-up with PayPerHead and start offering Super Bowl futures for the 2020-21 season.

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