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Super Bowl 54 Bookie Preview

4 Ways pay per head bookies can profit from Super Bowl 54

On Feb 2, 2020 the most important sportsbook event of the year happens; Super Bowl 54 takes place in Miami. The Kansas City Chiefs will battle the San Francisco 49ers in one of the most competitive Super Bowls in recent memory.

Every year, the Super Bowl provides profit to sportsbooks throughout the world. This includes sending mass revenue to individual sportsbook operators. Not all bookies make money on the Super Bowl, though. There’s a chance some bookies won’t make money on this year’s Super Bowl.

The lone way to ensure profit is to utilize pay per head software tools. Bookie software ensures profit because it allows individual bookies to manage wagering on all 4 Super Bowl wagering revenue streams. Let’s dive deep into the 4 ways online bookies can profit from Super Bowl 54. 

Profit From Super Bowl 54 ATS & Over/Under Wagers

Also called straight wagers, the against the spread and over/under total bet are the two most important wagers for Super Bowl 54. ATS and total bets provide the most wagering revenue for every sportsbook. It doesn’t matter if the sportsbook resides in Las Vegas or in the cloud.

Against the Spread Wagers

The most popular Super Bowl 54 bet, every PayPerHead agent, bookie, and sportsbook operator can profit from ATS wagers. The key for Super Bowl 54 is understanding the small differences in the against the spread line.

Some sportsbooks have the line at KC -1. Some have bumped the betting line to Chiefs -1 ½. One major sportsbook has made the Chiefs a -2 chalk. What does this mean? The small degrees in which oddsmakers are setting lines tell us no sportsbook knows what might happen on Friday.

We started this blog by saying that Super Bowl 54 is one of the most competitive in recent years. The differences in spread lines are evidence for that. A simple half a move in a betting line can have a major impact on where the money goes.

As the week progresses, pro players get in on the action. Many won’t wager until Saturday or Sunday morning. It means bookie agents must set a spread line with at least two things: a) a half-a-point up or down, and b) a line that’s competitive with other sportsbooks.

The first part is easy to understand. There must be a bookmaker incentive in the Super Bowl 54 betting line. For example, the sportsbook that has the Kansas City Chiefs at -2, is willing to accept less than the standard 10% fee on KC wagers. That attracts more wagers on San Francisco.

A half-a-point provides an incentive because it ensures that bookies mustn’t provide refunds on any wagers. That means all fees collected can remain profitable.

The second point is important. Don’t set a spread line that contradicts what Vegas Sportsbooks are doing. Your Super Bowl 54 line shouldn’t be lower than Chiefs -1 ½. It shouldn’t be higher than KC -2 ½.

Over / Under Total Wager

The Super Bowl 54 over/under total follows the same rules as the ATS line. Don’t set a line that contradicts what other sportsbooks have set. It’s unprofessional and will send your clients to your competitors. Also, add a half-a-point to ensure you mustn’t refund any bookie fees.

The total opened at 53 ½. In most sportsbooks, it’s gone from 53 ½ to 54 ½. A few sportsbooks have the total at 55. It could rise all the way to 55 ½ in those books. Most feel neither team will stop the other’s offense.

This makes sense. San Francisco rushed for 285 yards against Green Bay in the NFC Championship. The Chiefs allow an average of over 128 rushing yards per game. Patrick Mahomes threw 8 touchdowns and 0 interceptions during the playoffs. Mahomes can beat any NFL defense with his legs or arm.

Profit from Super Bowl 54 Prop Wagers 

Who wins the coin toss? Which team scored the first touchdown? How many tackles and assisted tackles will 49ers player Nick Bosa have in the game? How many touchdowns will KC quarterback Patrick Mahomes throw? These are prop wagers for Super Bowl 54.

Some sportsbooks offer hundreds of prop betting options. Those sportsbooks offer wagers on most every player, different spread and over/underlines, the Super Bowl MVP, and everything from whether Donald Trump will tweet during the game to if there will be a wardrobe malfunction during the halftime show. 

A couple of things to consider when accepting Super Bowl 54 prop bets: a) don’t accept all prop wagers and b) set betting limits. Players don’t hit a lot of prop wagers. Some of the odds are overlaid like 49ers strong safety intercepting a pass at +600, though.

If you’re worried, the only prop that all bookies must offer is on the Super Bowl MVP. That’s the one prop that all bookmakers must offer.

Live Betting

Profit during the game with live betting. If you’re a PayPerHead agent you can choose between two different live betting platforms: standard live and a premium live platform. No matter which one you choose, you must offer live betting on Super Bowl 54.

More people will watch the 2020 Super Bowl than any other event this year. The fact that Kansas City and San Francisco are two evenly matched teams should add to the television ratings. How important is Super Bowl 54 to FOX, the network that will broadcast the game on Sunday?

The cost for a 30-second slot is $5.6 million. That’s a ton of money. With so many eyeballs on the game, bookie agents must offer live wagering. Promote live wagering during the game.  

Post-Super Bowl 54 Future Wagers

Here’s a marketing tip: as soon as Super Bowl 54 ends, send out a text or email, whichever you prefer, and tease Super Bowl 55. Odds are set on some sportsbooks. Oddsmakers will set Super Bowl 55 futures the morning after Super Bowl 54.

The 2020-2021 NFL Season starts in March. The NFL Draft happens in April. Online bookies can profit from both the 2020 NFL Draft and Super Bowl 55. They can profit on Super Bowl 55 a day after Super Bowl 54.

Then, they can profit off Super Bowl 55 again after the NFL Draft. Bookies can profit on Super Bowl 55 futures from the day after Super Bowl 54 all the way to the middle of the 2020 NFL Regular Season and up to the 2021 NFL Playoffs.  

Bookies Profit From Super Bowl 54 Before, During & After 

There are 4 ways bookies can profit from Super Bowl 54. They can profit before the game against the spread and over/under total and prop wagers. They can profit during the game with live betting. They can profit after the game with Super Bowl 55 futures. That’s what makes the Super Bowl such an important betting event for bookie agents.

Super Bowl 54 is a few days away! If you have any questions about opening your PayPerHead account or wish to sign up with us before the big game, hit us up on chat. You can also call us at 800-605-4767.

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