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Super Bowl 2022 Futures Update: Who do Players Favor in the Final Stretch?

Super Bowl 2022 Futures Update: Who do Players Favor in the Final Stretch?

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Kansas City Chiefs battled for supremacy in Super Bowl LV with the Bucs coming out ahead 31-9. Heading into the playoffs, it looks as if sports betting players are backing last year’s participants to play for this year’s title. The big game shows the lowest Super Bowl odds on Bruce Arians’ and Andy Reid’s teams. In addition to the two chalks, which other franchises should be on your Super Bowl 2022 radar?

Super Bowl 2022 Odds Update

As of December 10, sports betting enthusiasts are all over Tom Brady and Tampa Bay and Patrick Mahomes and Kansas City. The Chiefs look for their first Super Bowl victory since beating the San Francisco 49ers for 2019’s trophy.

But NFL futures players aren’t just looking at the two chalks to win the big game. Super Bowl odds 2022 contenders include other teams. 

Super Bowl odds are all over the map, signaling this year’s NFL Playoffs should be incredibly competitive. Check out contenders in both the AFC and NFC to be this season’s Super Bowl winner.  

AFC Super Bowl 2022 Contenders – The AFC is Wide Open

Super Bowl 2022 Futures

Super Bowl betting odds and Super Bowl prop bets center around two teams. Kansas City is the first. 

Mahomes and his crew have become the second choice to win Super Bowl LVI. The KC signal-caller is a prop bet favorite to win Super Bowl MVP.

Based on sports betting action, though, the Chiefs’ march to the Lombardi Trophy game is no sure thing. Super Bowl odds for AFC contenders run the gamut. Per players, which teams have what it takes to win the Super Bowl 2022? 

Kansas City Chiefs

Once the final Super Bowl LV whistle blew, pay per head agents had to deal with action on the defending AFC Champions to win next year’s event. Such is the power of the Missouri Maulers. 

Most believe Mahomes, Tyreek Hill, Travis Kelce, and the rest are on the verge of an NFL dynasty on par with Belichick’s early 2000s New England Patriots squads. Based on the current AFC West Standings, it’s difficult to deny the Chiefs are in line for a deep playoff run. 

Records as of NFL Week 13, 2021.

  • Kansas City Chiefs 8-4
  • Los Angeles Chargers 7-5
  • Las Vegas Raiders 6-6
  • Denver Broncos 6-6

As of NFL Week 14, only Tampa Bay shows lower Super Bowl odds to win the hardware. Should KC continue to beat their competition, your sports betting players will mercilessly pound the AFC’s lowest-priced Super Bowl competitor. 

New England Patriots

After the most outstanding player in NFL history ditched the New England Patriots for Tampa Bay, many thought the Pats might fall behind the rival Buffalo Bills. Some even believed the lowly New York Jets could end up ahead of New England.

But after an incredible offseason, where Bill Belichick and his staff overhauled the roster, the Patriots will enter NFL Week 15 after their bye, the hottest team in the league. New England has won seven straight, including beating the rival Bills in a Monday night masterpiece where rookie quarterback Mac Jones threw three passes.

Even before the victory over Buffalo, the Pats were a hot commodity to win the Super Bowl. A sports betting handicapper dumped $20,000 on New England, causing their Super Bowl odds to plummet.

It could be a matter of time before the NE overtakes the Kansas City Chiefs to become the AFC’s Super Bowl squad with the lowest SB odds.    

Buffalo Bills

In the past, the Buffalo Bills fought the New York Jets to see who was the worst team in the AFC East Division. Not anymore.

After the Kansas City Chiefs and the New England Patriots, the Buffalo Bills are the team to win the AFC. NFL Super Bowl odds make the Bills a solid pick.

The key for Buffalo will be how well Josh Allen plays down the stretch. There’s also a question about whether Buffalo’s D can survive without star cornerback Tre’Davious White

Handicap the Bills yourself before denying Super Bowl money or using your layoff account. Buffalo could be in line for a disappointing playoff even if they stamp their ticket.    

Tennessee Titans

After a rough November, the Tennessee Titans could be the surprise AFC team to win the Super Bowl. NFL Super Bowl odds remain elevated even though many believe running back Derrick Henry could return in the playoffs.

The Titans must hold off the Indianapolis Colts, then the Denver Broncos should they lose the AFC South to Indy, but if both those things happen, Tennessee becomes a legit challenger to the crown Kansas City holds. 

Tennessee is in a lock-step battle with the Buffalo Bills for the conference’s second seed. If Henry returns and the Titans make the postseason, they might be the wise guy Super Bowl choice. So make sure to watch for action.  

Los Angeles Chargers

Kansas City is the king of the AFC West Division. There’s a scramble to be the division’s second-best team.

Right now, the title falls to the Los Angeles Chargers. The critical element for the Bolts, and the reason they’re sports betting favorites over the Las Vegas Raiders and Denver Broncos, is quarterback Justin Herbert.

The former Oregon Duck has thrown for 3,547 yards and 27 touchdowns in 12 games. He’s turned into one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL.

Unless Herbert and the offense fall apart, LAC should be a wildcard team. Wildcard squads are no longer losing Super Bowl plays. The Bucs won this year’s Super Bowl as a wildcard team.  

Cincinnati Bengals

Before the season started, Super Bowl prognosticators were all over the Cleveland Browns to win Super Bowl LVI. The Browns were the AFC North team to back.

Since the season began, though, the Cincinnati Bengals have become a better AFC North play to win Super Bowl 56. Sports betting analysts believe the Bengals offer overlay odds. 

Make sure to set bet alerts on Bengals’ action to win the Lombardi Trophy. With Joe Burrow at quarterback, Joe Mixon at running back, and possible NFL Rookie of the Year Ja’Marr Chase at wide receiver, Cincy will have a shot should they make the playoffs.    

Baltimore Ravens

For weeks, the Baltimore Ravens were a sports betting dream. The Ravens could fall behind, and top quarterback Lamar Jackson would bail them out for SU victories and against the spread covers.

But in NFL Week 14 versus the rivals Browns, Baltimore’s Super Bowl chances took a massive hit after Jackson suffered an ankle injury. If Jackson misses significant time, either the Tennessee Titans or Indianapolis Colts will benefit. One of the two, the Titans or Colts, must settle for a wildcard. 

In NFL Week 2, the Ravens beat Kansas City 36-35. The win feels like a decade ago, which is the main reason some bookie software agents allow Super Bowl action on Baltimore to ride. 

Pittsburgh Steelers

Heading into NFL Week 15, the Pittsburgh Steelers have won just one of four games. Not only has the lack of spread covers blown up sports betting parlays, but it’s also called into question whether the Steelers will make the playoffs.

On December 26, Pittsburgh plays against Kansas City. A week later, the Cleveland Browns head to Pittsburgh. 

If the Steelers win both, they should make the postseason. If they lose one or both, the playoffs are in doubt.   

NFC Super Bowl 2022 Contenders – Tampa Bay Leads the Charge

While teams like the New York Giants, Philadelphia Eagles, and Detroit Lions have no shot of winning the NFL Championship, sports betting action points to a competitive Super Bowl odds 2022 race. 

The Super Bowl odds on Tampa Bay make them a favorite. But the Tampa Bay Buccaneers aren’t a lock to finish the season with the lowest Lombardi Trophy odds.

As long as the Green Bay Packers and Arizona Cardinals continue to win, they’ll have robust Super Bowl prospects, which should translate into money bet on both teams. Like the Bucs, Cardinals, and Packers, the Cowboys should also garner action.

One team on our list who might end up out of the playoffs is the Los Angeles Rams. Keep reading why the Rams may be the top play against and info on the genuine NFC contenders to win the Super Bowl. 

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tampa Bay and Kansas City aren’t historical rivals. But don’t you get the sense that because Tom Brady plays for the Bucs and Patrick Mahomes plays for the Chiefs, next year’s Super Bowl will come down to those two teams?

In last year’s playoffs, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers beat their top rival, the New Orleans Saints, on their way to a Super Bowl LV win. The Saints may not make the playoffs this season, so the Bucs’ path to the end-of-season game could be more accessible.

One team the Buccaneers could struggle against is the Dallas Cowboys. In NFL Week 1, TB labored to separate from Big D. If the Cowboys and Bucs meet in the playoffs, expect a war.   

Green Bay Packers

Draw a line through the Packers’ loss to the Kansas City Chiefs. Aaron Rodgers didn’t play due to a positive coronavirus test. 

Jordan Love had no chance versus a decent KC defense. Also, draw a line through the Week 1 loss to the New Orleans Saints because Rodgers and GB had a rough off-season.

Heading into Week 15, the Green Bay Packers are the sports betting wise guy’s top option. The Packers dominate their NFC North counterparts, the Chicago Bears, Minnesota Vikings, and Detroit Lions. 

The Super Bowl odds on Green B. show a trophy favorite.  The Super Bowl odds on the Pack make them the third choice after Tampa Bay and the Chiefs. 

If GB wins out, and the schedule doesn’t look overly burdensome, they could end up the Super Bowl chalk. 

Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys are the best team in the worst division. A case can be made for the Washington Football Team.

But the Philadelphia Eagles and the New York Giants, the other two teams in the NFC East, have had awful seasons. What makes Dallas a top Super Bowl play is because even though they’ve lost to both Kansas City and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the Boys have beaten enough teams to be one of the Super Bowl choices. 

One of the victories impressed big time. The Boys beat the Minnesota Vikings on the road with Cooper Rush at quarterback. 

Gamblers who pride themselves on winning sports betting picks had to have been mesmerized by Dallas’ win against the Vikings.    

Arizona Cardinals

Heading into their Week 15 Monday night game versus the rival Rams, the Arizona Cardinals stood at 10-2. Arizona had already dominated the San Francisco 49ers and had a win against the Seattle Seahawks.

The Cards had also beaten LAR. In the win versus the Rams, Zona picked off Matthew Stafford and forced Rams RB Sony Michel to fumble. 

Arizona’s defense is one of the reasons many consider the Cardinals in the NFC’s Big Three, along with the Green Bay Packers and Tampa Bay, with a chance to win the Super Bowl. 

Most sports betting SB future handicappers missed the boat on Zona before the season started. Sports bettors have piled on in recent weeks, making The Valley the fourth Super Bowl odds choice to win the Bowl.     

Los Angeles Rams

The team from Inglewood’s masterful Week 3 victory over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers is a distant memory. While the defending champs have become the best team in the National Football League, Los Angeles has played mediocre ball.

The 37-7 victory against the Jaguars had to have enthralled fans. But Los Angeles must improve big time to make it to the Super Bowl. 

Luck must be on their side to win Super Bowl LVI.

 Although the defense is decent and Stafford is a great quarterback, the offensive line is pedestrian. 

Teams with excellent pass rushes, like the Arizona Cardinals, Washington Football Team, Seattle Seahawks, and San Francisco 49ers, will trouble the Rams should LAR face any of those teams in the playoffs.

Will the City of Angels stamp their ticket to the NFL Playoffs? They probably will, but they may not want to unpack after entering the NFL’s postseason hotel.     

Super Bowl 2022 Action Management Advice

Super Bowl 2022 Futures

Like Super Bowl LV, Super Bowl LVI will provide plenty of bet options. Check out a list of most of those bets along with how price per head agents can manage action.

  • Super Bowl future odds – Agents must handicap playoff possibilities. One of the best bookie tips regarding action on teams to win the Super Bowl, and NFL futures in general, is to set max betting limits on the next Super Bowl winner.  
  • Super Bowl MVP – Even though the playoffs have yet to start, Terrific Tom and Mr. Mahomes are the favorites. The Cardinals’ Kyler Murray and Rodgers in Green Bay are the third and fourth choices. Set max betting limits.  
  • Super Bowl odds 2022-Matchups – Sometimes, NFL betting sites that employ oddsmaking experts set Super Bowl matchup odds. Now that a Patriots versus Bucs Super Bowl is a possibility, NE versus TB should offer the lowest number.   
  • Super Bowl prop bets – Per head bookmakers can offer a plethora of SB prop bets. Props on the Super Bowl, though, won’t come out until a week or so before the game.  

Like players, bookmaker software agents must weigh risk versus reward. Failing to use your layoff account, not deleting bets, and not setting max limits can hurt your pay per head sportsbook.  

Import players to PayPerHead and offer all Super Bowl 2022 odds

Offer Super Bowl betting odds with the best bookie software possible. PayPerHead can also provide sports betting options from more than eighty leagues.

In addition to NFL future bets, you can also offer prop options on how pro football stars play. Premium Props also allows bets on NBA, NHL, MLB, and even PGA and NASCAR performances.

Our software allows you to make online payments and collections, which means you won’t have to meet in person to collect your Super Bowl LVI profit. If agents sign-up soon and activate their accounts, they can still take advantage of our $3 per head Super Bowl promo. Call 1-800-605-4767 and get started today.   


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