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Pay Per Head Agents Protect Profit

3 Fool-Proof Privacy Tips To Protect Pay Per Head Sportsbook Profit

Online bookie agents are all about profit and it’s key to protect it

Once they’ve secured profit, they must protect profit. See below for 3 ways that online bookie agents can protect profit.

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Any agent can do the following 3 things. None are all that special. They all provide other benefits in addition to helping protect profit.

Also, agents can do any of the 3 things in any order they choose.

1. Use Bitcoin or Other Cryptocurrency to protect profit

Only process transactions in Bitcoin or some other cryptocurrency.

This is the single most important thing a pay per head agents can do to protect profit.

The reason is simple: whenever a middleman is involved, like a credit card company, hackers can hijack the transaction.

Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies are peer-to-peer. That means there is no middleman. Bitcoin transactions happen between you, the agent, and whomever you transact with.

Since there’s no middleman, privacy remains.

The only individuals aware of the transaction are the two parties involved.

Switch to Bitcoin or Ethereum right now. It’s the best privacy way for you to protect profit.

2. Consider Cold Storage

Once you’ve accrued enough Bitcoins, consider cold storage

Once you turn Bitcoins into a traditional currency, for example, U.S. dollars, there’s a chance someone other than yourself will discover it. The best way to protect your Bitcoins profit is to put them into cold storage.

That means only withdrawing your Bitcoins when you’ve accrued enough to withdraw.

Putting cryptocurrency into cold storage simply means taking the currency offline. You can put them onto a thumb drive, a digital wallet, or an actual hard drive.

Then, put the hard drive into some safe deposit box somewhere, or an actual safe, that you know won’t be lost. The amount of Bitcoin you have remains private until you wish to let someone know about them.

3. Use The Right Web Browser

Don’t use Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome. Use the Onion Tor Web Browser

The Onion Tor Web Browser utilizes various computers throughout the world to mask your real I.P. address.

That’s a great way for you to protect your privacy and therefore your profit. Protecting your privacy via the web browser you use is the first way to remain as private as possible.

It’s the first defense from hackers looking to steal your profit.

Check out this link to download the Onion Tor Web Browser.

By using the above 3 privacy tips, you, the online bookie agent, can ensure that your profit is protected.

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