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Pittsburgh Steelers 2023 Preview

Pittsburgh Steelers 2023 Preview

Pittsburgh Steelers 2023 Preview. The Steelers and 49ers will meet for the first time in four years to start the regular season. San Fran is putting its four quarterbacks through the paces to see which one will face Kenny Pickett for the opener. Brock Purdy is doing fine after his UCL repair surgery, and Trey Lance is cleared to play. Keep an eye on this game, as the betting lines might change depending on San Fran’s starter.

Besides taking on the Buffalo Bills in the preseason, the Steelers once again have a soft schedule outside of their division.

Pittsburgh’s 2023 Season SchedulePittsburgh Steelers 2023 Preview

Preseason games

  • Aug 11 at Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  • Aug 19 vs. Buffalo Bills
  • Aug 24 at Atlanta Falcons

Regular season

  • Week 1 vs. San Francisco 49ers
  • Week 2 vs. Cleveland Browns
  • Week 3 at Las Vegas Raiders
  • Week 4 at Houston Texans
  • Week 5 vs. Baltimore Ravens
  • Week 6 Bye
  • Week 7 at Los Angeles Rams
  • Week 8 vs. Jacksonville Jaguars
  • Week 9 vs. Tennessee Titans
  • Week 10 vs. Green Bay Packers
  • Week 11 at Cleveland Browns
  • Week 12 at Cincinnati Bengals
  • Week 13 vs. Arizona Cardinals
  • Week 14 vs. New England Patriots
  • Week 15 at Indianapolis Colts
  • Week 16 vs. Cincinnati Bengals
  • Week 17 at Seattle Seahawks
  • Week 18 at Baltimore Ravens

Can Coach Mike Tomlin Keep His Streak Alive?

Everyone thought Tomlin’s streak of winning seasons would end in 2022 when the team went into their Bye week with a 1-6 record. They were focusing on rebuilding, so it was no surprise that the team would not do well. But after the Bye, the team started winning again. They won their last game of the season against the Browns to put them over the 500 mark. Tomlin kept his streak alive of never having a losing season in 16 years in the NFL. That’s a huge accomplishment, especially in the highly competitive AFC North. Has he done enough to ensure his team can not only have a winning 2023 but also make it into the playoffs? Let’s take a look.

Defense Will Remain Top-Notch

A big part of the Steelers’ defensive strength centers around T.J. Watt. In the 2022 opener of the 2022 season, Watt almost single-handedly beat the Bengals. But he suffered a torn pectoral and was out of play until after the Bye. The Steelers were 1-6 without him and 7-2 with him. Other factors were going on, but it’s hard to argue that his absence didn’t make a difference.

What’s Expected of Kenny Pickett?

No one is raving about Kenny Pickett, but the Steelers didn’t try and replace him in the draft or free agency either. Last year, he had seven touchdowns and nine interceptions. Of the quarterbacks with 200 or more attempts, his was the second last. Only Zack Wilson of the Jets was worse, and they’ve replaced him with Aaron Rodgers.

But the coaching staff is expecting better stats from him this season. More touchdowns and fewer interceptions. However, some betting models are predicting up to 16 interceptions. Offensive coordinator Matt Canada focuses on the run, so if the interception numbers grow, expect to see more of a running game from the Steelers.

Week 1 might be a good test for Pickett as they will be taking on the team that tied them for most interceptions by the defense. Keep your limits in for that game.

Even if Pickett improves dramatically, he’s still up against quarterbacks in the AFC like Patrick Mahomes, Joe Burrow, Josh Allen, Lamar Jackson, Justin Herbert, and Aaron Rodgers. Pittsburgh’s first goal is another winning season, followed by making it into the playoffs. If Pickett has improved, they stand a chance.

Pittsburgh Steelers Sports Betting Predictions

If you were betting on this team last year, it was a roller-coaster ride of ups and downs. They were down 1-6 before the Bye Week, then finished off the season 9-8 for yet another winning season, and then just missed out on making it into the playoffs. They needed both New England and Miami to lose their last games. New England did, but Miami beat New York to claim the AFC’s No. 7 seed.

This year, the Steelers are predicted to be at the bottom of the AFC North. They are still rebuilding – but some teams rebuild faster than others.

AFC North Division Winner Odds

Bengals         +150

Ravens          +220

Browns         +380

Steelers        +450

Notable Prop Bets

Kenny Pickett         Interceptions              11.5 (-110 over)

Najee Harris           Most rushing TD         +2200

T.J. Watt                 Defensive POTY          +850

T.J. Watt                 Most sacks                  +850

Mike Tomlin           Coach of the Year       +2500

Pittsburgh Steelers 2023 Season Odds

Win Total                    8.5

Win Division             +450

Make Playoffs           +135

Win Conference       +2500

Win Super Bowl       +5000

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