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Pay Per Head Online Casino

Pay Per Head doesn’t just offer sportsbook software, but also a world class online casino experience for agents to make available to clients.

While the slow season of the sports is coming to a close, bookmakers may still be struggling to find enticing events to offer their clients.  One of the things we offer at Pay Per Head is our online casino software and it is a powerful tool for any agent to utilize in order to maximize profits, especially in the low season. Gambling at an online casino is one of the quicker growths segments of the gaming industry on a whole.  Research shows that younger gamblers are drawn more to the digital casinos than brick and mortar ones.  Our software provides an experience that comes as close to the real thing as possible The This software is a perfect answer to keep your players betting in the summer months between football seasons.  Not only is the casino available all-year round, it’s also making you money 24 hours a day.  So how do you get your players interested in gambling in the casino?  Well let’s break down why you should be promoting the casino then share some tips on selling it to you clients.

Why you should offer online casino games along with your pay per head sports book

First off, as mentioned above, these games are available to bring in money 24/7/365.  This can really keep your sportsbook afloat during lulls when just MLB is on offer.  But the big draw for agents to offer casino betting is the high profitability.  Some pay per head online casino games can return as much as 30% profits with the average hold being in the 20% percent range.

The reason for this comes down to the speed of the games being played.  A hand of blackjack goes by in the blink of an eyes and slot machine pulls can pile up over the course of just a few minutes.  This creates a situation where the player can compulsively just press a button for a sustained period, even just out of boredom.  While live dealer games do take longer to turn over and give the players more time to think, they are also on average more profitable over time than taking straight sportsbook bets.

It’s surprising that more agents don’t offer or promote that they offer these additions to sports. Many feel that it’s hard to find players to really get into these games as their clientele is mostly sports gamblers and there is a surprising little crossover in those industries.  But taking into account the potential returns that can be taken in from casino games it is well worth the effort to either find casino players or work to convert some you already have.  A little time invested to advertise this feature to clients, new or prospective, can boost overall profits and even help keep a bookie in the black during the low season.

Pay Per Head also offers betting limit for each player in order to protect our agents from getting overexposed by the online casino.  These can be set to daily or weekly and also serve to protect the players from getting out of hand and busting their bankroll during a night of single malt and Disney themed video slot machines.

When you are able to offer both the online casino with the sportsbook, they can really begin to work in tandem to make you money.  The players come into play at the sportsbook and lay their bets for the night, then the hope is that they stick around to play a little poker while they watch the games.  Best of all, when the games are over, they are still on site and might even place some bets for late games or the next day before signing off for the night.

How do I get players into my casino?

Well now that you’re hopefully convinced of the benefits of promoting your casino, how do you actually go about it? Well the goal is to make your client aware of the benefits to them and get them in the door.

One of the more attractive aspects of casino betting online is the low buy ins which allow for a more enjoyable low stakes experience. When you are laying out $100 each on a few games which may take 3+ hours to complete and sweat out the win, playing at the casino sounds like a relative spa treatment. Get in and play for a few bucks and unwind while you gamble a bit after work or even during the games to keep your mind off the money you may be winning or losing on the field.

Pay Per Head’s online casino games also provide immediate satisfaction to both players and agents.  No need to bite your nails all afternoon praying that today is the day that the Lions actually win a game, just hop on over to the casino and win now.  Technology and instant gratification go hand in hand these days and our casino provides both under one roof.

One other thing to consider when promoting is the demographic of your clients and what kind of things they might be interested in.  Take for example our live table games with real, in the flesh, beautiful female dealers.  What better way to bring those two worlds together than to let your clients know that our live dealers consist exclusively of women who are easy on the eyes and who are available 24/7.  Players can even develop a friendly relationship with certain dealers and will play just to interact with them, great for your bottom line. As crude as the tactic might seem, it works and is yet another attractive feature of our online casino which you can use as a promotional tool.

When it comes down to it your players will be all over the online casino because of its extreme convenience as well.  Be it on the app or PC you can gamble in the comfort and security of your home, office or personal doomsday bunker. They are not required to wait for or interact with other humans if they choose not to as is an unavoidable hassle at a traditional casino. It also eliminates the time and cost factors that come with visiting any brick and mortar casino which further adds to the draw of online mobile alternatives.

Don’t get stuck in the mud for the rest of the low season and get your clients playing casino games in the meantime.  So, head over and check out our casino page and get to know our software and go full Bugsy Siege on your independent sportsbook business.

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