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NFL Betting Software: Managing Super Bowl LVI Action

NFL Betting Software: Managing Super Bowl LVI Action

Not all sports betting software is the same. As we head to the most important sports gambling day of the year, the annual Super Bowl, it’s essential to know how you can manage NFL betting action on your bookie website.

Super Bowl 56 is around the corner. For many PPH sportsbook agents, the Super Bowl isn’t just another huge sports betting event.

It’s the most important day of the year. Legal sports betting advances in the United States should help boost bookie revenue, which means agents like you are in line for more profit from this year’s Super Bowl than they ever before made.

Profit goes hand-in-hand with not losing money. So to score the most possible profit, PPH bookie agents must understand sports betting systems, especially NFL betting systems.

Doing so should help you profit from what promises to be the most action-generating Lombardi Trophy game in history.  

NFL Betting Systems: Watch out for these football betting systems

NFL Betting Software: Managing Super Bowl LVI ActionTrend systems

Some NFL betting software helps players decipher trends. A few sites post trends. 

Listed below are fake trend examples for the Cincinnati Bengals versus Tennessee Titans game on Saturday, January 22. 

  • Bengals are 12-4 ATS in their last 16 games on the road
  • Titans are 3-10 ATS when Derrick Henry plays
  • Over is 6-3 in the previous 9 Bengals’ games
  • Under is 8-4 in the last 12 Titans’ games
  • Bengals are 7-3 ATS in their last 10 after scoring 30 or more points in their previous game

We made up the trends, which is why they don’t make any sense. We did that on purpose to show you why trends don’t always work.

Trend betting requires believing that what happened in the past will happen again. Winning systems don’t exclusively use trends because trend betting uses probability analysis.

12-4 is a significant trend. The probability is 75%, which means there’s a 25% chance the Bengals don’t win against the spread on the road.

After looking at it from a probability standpoint, another issue arises with trend betting. The sports betting software that creates trends seldom considers odds. 

Oddsmaking experts know trends like players, which means they adjust odds accordingly based on trends. A bookmaker that offers free betting software wants their players to use trends.    

Betting systems based on stats

Some NFL betting software helps players decide sports betting options to make based on stats. Let’s stick to our fake trend game, the Bengals versus Titans playoff game on January 22.

Cincinnati quarterback Joe Burrow completes 70.4% of his passes. But he only completes 65.5% of his passes on the road. Since Burrow and the Bengals play the Titans on the road, a stat bettor might devalue Burrow’s presence, which means they could decide to bet on the Titans to cover. 

Visual NFL betting systems

Some players like to use your free betting software to back teams that pass the visual test. A professional gambler using the optical method handicaps an NFL game based on what they see.  

Titans’ running back Derrick Henry can run over opponents. Henry was healthy leading into the Bengals – Titans matchup. 

Visual bettors had to consider that when deciding which team to back to cover the spread.  

NFL season and playoff game systems

NFL betting based on how a team performs in previous games doesn’t always work. Take the Arizona Cardinals as a great example of how systems like this can fail.

Arizona was the last undefeated team during the regular season. Coach Kliff Kingsbury and quarterback Kyler Murray entered their bye week with the NFL’s best record.

The Cardinals lost 4-of-6 after their bye, failed to win the NFC West, and traveled to SoFi Stadium in Inglewood to take on the Los Angeles Rams. Matthew Stafford and the Rams ended the Cardinals Super Bowl hopes.   

Live betting NFL systems

Pro NFL handicappers use betting lines to their advantage. Some make before-game bets, then decide to push those bets if they’re winning, or go the opposite way if they see an NFL arbitrage situation.

On a side note, make sure to pay attention to your Live Plus system during postseason NCAA basketball. Multiple games happen simultaneously during March Madness, which means you must be ready.  

Super Bowl specific betting systems

Football betting based on quarterback

A pro bettor rarely places money on a rookie quarterback. Few rookies have led their teams to Super Bowl victories.

Some handicappers place more value on SB-winning quarterbacks like Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers. The QB system can lead to profit based on past NFL Championship winners.

Past football games betting strategies

The rest of the world and the betting public see the Super Bowl as a huge sporting event. Professional gamblers view the SB as another game.

Pros view the Lombardi Trophy contest as another football betting opportunity. Using past football games to determine the outcome of the Super Bowl is the most prevalent way to handicap the game. 

Because most gambling professionals look at the final NFL title game based on past performance, price per head agents should reconsider using their layoff accounts and setting specific SB lines.

Vegas has a real good idea of what lines to set on the Vince Lombardi game. Players may call bookie agents looking for specific lines, but most will follow Vegas’ lead, which means you should do the same. 

Prop bet sports betting system

Some gamblers turn their backs on the point spread. Few players do this, but the ones that do can hurt your sportsbook big time.

Prop players often choose one team and base their NFL prop bets around that team. So if the game is between Tampa Bay and Buffalo, prop gamblers might decide to play props on the Bills.

Like stat bettors, prop bettors use data points. One key data point for Buffalo is that quarterback Josh Allen averages 6.3 yards per carry.

The stat is significant because Allen, a quarterback, is also one of the most effective running backs in the league. Indianapolis Colts’ rusher Jonathan Taylor averages 5.5 yards per carry.  

Allen’s PYC is higher. If some bettors see that, they will jump on any NFL game Super Bowl Josh Allen rushing yards prop. 

Offer players PayPerHead NFL betting software for Super Bowl LVI

Once you transfer players to PayPerHead, you can provide NFL betting software comparable to that from more prominent bookmaking companies. 

Not only that, but because our software is proprietary, we can provide add-on platforms like Premium Props and Live Plus that add stickiness.  

With our software, you can also make online payments and collections. Your clients can deposit directly into their player sites, which means you must never chase down customers for agent payments. 

Run one of the more successful bookie websites in the industry. Transfer soon and pay $3 per head from the moment you activate your account to Super Bowl 56 on February 13, 2022.

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