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New England Patriots 2023 Preview

New England Patriots 2023 Preview

New England Patriots 2023 Preview. The Patriots might have a light preseason schedule, but they have one of the more challenging regular seasons in the NFL. Besides having to play the Bills and Dolphins twice, they must take on the revamped Jets with Aaron Rodgers in their division. They open the regular season against the Eagles and take on Kansas City and Denver Broncos in Weeks 15 and 16, respectively.

New England’s 2023 Season Schedule

Preseason games

  • Aug 10 vs. Houston Texans
  • Aug 19 at Green Bay Packers
  • Aug 25 at Tennessee Titans

Regular season

  • Week 1 vs. Philadelphia Eagles
  • Week 2 vs. Miami Dolphins
  • Week 3 at New York Jets
  • Week 4 at Dallas Cowboys
  • Week 5 vs. New Orleans Saints
  • Week 6 at Las Vegas Raiders
  • Week 7 vs. Buffalo Bills
  • Week 8 at Miami Dolphins
  • Week 9 vs. Washington Commanders
  • Week 10 vs. Indianapolis Colts (Frankfurt, Germany)
  • Week 11 BYE
  • Week 12 at New York Giants
  • Week 13 vs. Los Angeles Chargers
  • Week 14 at Pittsburgh Steelers (Thursday Night Football)
  • Week 15 vs. Kansas City Chiefs (Monday Night Football)
  • Week 16 at Denver Broncos
  • Week 17 at Buffalo Bills
  • Week 18 vs. New York Jets

New England Patriots 2023 PreviewNew England’s Sports Betting Predictions

In 2022, the Patriots went 1-8 in games they were underdogs and 7-1 when they were favorites. That’s consistency. They finished the season at 8-9 with several close losses. They could have been in the playoffs if they had won one more game. Their team looks better this year, but they only have an over/under win total of 7.5, mainly because of the unknown factor of Mac Jones and Aaron Rodgers joining the Jets. But the Patriots have an Ace up their sleeve with head coach Bill Belichick. With him in their corner, chances are that they’ll find a way to make it to the playoffs, so keep your limits in for that bet.

AFC East Division Winner Odds

Buffalo Bills                   +135

New York Jets               +200

Miami Dolphins            +320

New England Patriots   +1000

AFC East Win Totals (over/under)

Buffalo Bills                   10.5

New York Jets               9.5

Miami Dolphins            9.5

New England Patriots   7.5

New England Patriots 2023 Season Odds

Win Total                    7.5

Win Division             +1000

Make the Playoffs    +250

Win Conference       +4000

Win Super Bowl       +6600

How Far the Great Have Fallen

The Patriots dominated the AFC East for decades, especially with Tom Brady at the helm. They haven’t been at the bottom of the division since 2002 when there was a division realignment. It shows how hard it is to replace a superstar like Tom Brady.

Retiring Devin McCourty has been part of the New England secondary since 2009. He was a talented cornerback and a leader in the locker room. Besides McCourty, most of the defensive starters will be returning, but that didn’t stop them from adding to the corps. Despite having one of the top defenses in the country, they used their first three picks to improve it. They added cornerback Christian Gonzalez, defensive lineman Keion White, and safety/linebacker Marte Mapu. At the OTAs, Mapu showed he could be the hottest rookie because he excelled at both positions, giving New England a sideline-to-sideline defender they hadn’t seen in years.

Which Mac Jones Will Show Up?

The Patriots had an Elite defense in 2022 but experimented with the offense. It seems like they wanted to try creating a defensive offense, so the whole team was focused on defense. That didn’t go so well. Did Mac Jones not play as well as he did in his rookie year, or did the system make him look bad? Either way, it seems like the experiment is over. They brought in Bill O’Brien as offensive coordinator. He had been in different coaching capacities with the Patriots from 2007 to 2011 but was always part of the offense.

O’Brien replaces Matt Patricia, who had never before called plays in the NFL. He struggled to put together an offensive game plan. The players are already praising the change, which might be what Jones needs to get back into the level of play that’s expected of him.

Be Ready for the 2023 NFL Season with the Best Online Sportsbook Software

It’s entirely possible that the Patriots could find themselves in last place in the AFC East, something that hasn’t happened since 2002. But you can never count Belichick out. Make sure you’re using pay per head software that lets you put limits in or has a layoff account when you need it. Having surprises in sports is exciting. Having surprises in your business isn’t.

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