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NBA Championship Odds 2022 Update

NBA Championship Odds 2022 Update

The NBA is in full swing. The defending champion Milwaukee Bucks have played well, but fellow preseason title odds favorite, the Los Angeles Lakers, haven’t. At this point in the pro basketball season, which teams are your players backing to win the NBA Finals? 

2022 NBA Championship Odds Update

Throughout the season, 2022 NBA Championship team odds fluctuate. The 2021-2022 NBA season is no different.

Before the start, the Milwaukee Bucks and Los Angeles Lakers were favorites to win the NBA title. The Bucks remain a top-three choice.

But an early injury to LeBron James and a possible devastating injury to Anthony Davis has sent Los Angeles reeling. The new chalks to win the NBA Finals are title odds favorites, the Brooklyn Nets and the Golden State Warriors.

Check out why bookmaker software agents accept bets on the Nets and Warriors. We also profile other first-tier and second-tier teams in the East and the West’s top contenders. 

2022 NBA Championship – Eastern Conference 

NBA Championship Odds 2022 UpdateLast season, the Milwaukee Bucks beat the Hawks in the Eastern Conference Finals. The NBA defending title holders are the third choice this season.

The prime choice to win the NBA Finals is the Brooklyn Nets. Based on the Nets’ NBA Championship odds, Brooklyn should have no trouble securing a top playoff seed.

But the Nets nor the Bucks are the only teams capable of winning the NBA Title. Keep reading for information on trophy challengers in both conferences.

Right now, almost every team listed has a shot to win the NBA Title.     

Eastern Conference Contenders

Often, the top teams are in the West. Not this season. 

Based on early-season play, the East should have the more competitive teams. The top contenders for the NBA hardware are the Milwaukee Bucks, Brooklyn Nets, and Miami Heat.  

Brooklyn Nets

The Milwaukee Bucks, Miami Heat, and Chicago Bulls are playing well, but the Brooklyn Nets have dominated the regular season so far. Most sports bettors believe the Nets are the best team in the NBA. 

Kyrie Irving has yet to play because he refuses to get vaccinated. But the odds on Brooklyn to end the season with the best record and home-court advantage throughout the East’s postseason remain low. 

Pay attention to the coronavirus and the Nets. Both James Harden and Kevin Durant, as well as Irving, had to enter Covid protocols.  

Milwaukee Bucks

Before NBA play started, oddsmaking experts didn’t give the defending champion Milwaukee Bucks their due even though NBA history is on the Bucks’ side. The odds to win on Milwaukee made them an overlay.

NBA Championship future handicappers preferred the Phoenix Suns and Brooklyn Nets. Some even went with the Miami Heat over the Bucks. When it comes to the Nets, most believed that with a healthy James Harden, Kevin Durant wouldn’t have had to do it all on his own in the playoffs. 

Heading into the New Year, though, many sports bettors believe Milwaukee has that San Antonio dynasty look. The odds on the Bucks to win the NBA Championship make them a solid third-choice.    

Chicago Bulls

Chicago is NBA royalty. So it’s no coincidence that the Bulls are more Atlanta Hawks in 2021 than Charlotte Hornets. The current odds on the Bulls give them a shot.

Chicago must continue to have a great season, though. If not, their odds will skyrocket.

Like the Nets, the Bulls have run into coronavirus protocol issues. Online bookie software agents must watch how Chicago handles their coronavirus problems.    

Miami Heat

In 2020, Jimmy Butler led the Heat to the NBA title series against the Los Angeles Lakers. Unlike some teams on this list, the odds on the Heat to win the trophy remain at an overlay number.

San Antonio is only a slightly more significant underdog than Miami. Like the Brooklyn Nets and Chicago Bulls, other teams are on future bettors’ radars.

Online bookie software agents must keep that in mind. Setting up max bet limits on the Heat might be a good idea.    

Eastern Conf. Second Tier Contenders

As of mid-December, the Atlanta Hawks and Washington Wizards, Boston, Philadelphia, and New York should make the NBA Playoffs. But it remains to be seen if the five teams continue to win. Are the second-tier East contenders more Charlotte Hornets than Nets or Bucks? 

Atlanta Hawks

Last season, the Atlanta Hawks made a fantastic run to the NBA conference finals. So far, the Cleveland Cavaliers have won more than Atlanta. The Hawks must step it up to make the postseason. 

Boston Celtics

Talk about NBA royalty. If you look at NBA history, you don’t even have to look closely. Boston has won almost as many titles as their west coast purple and yellow-clad rivals.

The Celtics must deal with the Chicago Bulls and Indiana Pacers, a couple of teams they struggle to beat. But if the Shamrocks make the postseason, they can win at big odds. PPH sports agents must set limits. 

Philadelphia 76ers

It’s difficult not to feel the Philadelphia 76ers will battle the Indiana Pacers and Toronto Raptors for postseason seeds throughout the season. The Sixers win at a regular clip even though likely NBA free agency darling Ben Simmons is a holdout.

The current odds make the 76ers a top play. The odds will dive if Philly trades Simmons and gets better. If that happens, expect players to call bookie agents non-stop. 

New York Knicks

One of the more popular NBA squads, the Knicks, are in the San Antonio, Toronto Raptors, Atlanta Hawks category. At least Knicks fans know they’ve got a better team than the Detroit Pistons and Orlando Magic. 

The odds on NYK make them a solid play to win the trophy. But odds are one thing. Reality is another. So far, the Knicks aren’t having a great season. 

Julius Randle and his mates must turn it around fast. Handicap the Knicks before adjusting team odds.

Washington Wizards

Few NBA teams this season have surprised as much as the Wizards. As of December 21, Washington had a 16-15 record, tied with the Sixers and better than the Celtics, Toronto Raptors, Hawks, and Knicks. 

As long as Bradley Beal plays, D.C. will have an advantage over other teams like the Cleveland Cavaliers, Detroit Pistons, and Orlando Magic. The odds on the Wizards to win NBA rings are about what they were in the first week. 

Pay attention to see if money lands on Washington in the New Year.     

2022 NBA Championship – Western Conference

NBA Championship Odds 2022 UpdateThe NBA Western Conference title could come down to the top two teams in the league, the Phoenix Suns and the Golden State Warriors. Steph Curry plays for the Warriors, so GS is the West’s 2022 NBA Conference Finals favorite.

Check out more information on the four teams that could win this season’s Western Conference and the NBA crown.   

Western Conference Contenders

The Lakers, Phoenix Suns, Golden State Warriors, and Utah Jazz are the West’s top contenders. Phoenix and The City offer the lowest odds to win in the playoffs. 

Keep reading for a profile of all four NBA teams. Squads missing from the list include groups like the Los Angeles Clippers, who must play without Kawhi Leonard and possibly Paul George. 

The Dallas Mavericks also aren’t on this list. Luka Doncic is great, but the Mavs and the Denver Nuggets seem to be playing for next season.     

Golden State Warriors

Heading into 2022, it looks like teams will struggle to beat Steph Curry and his mates. For starters, Klay Thompson will return.

Thompson hasn’t played since 2019. Also, the Los Angels Lakers and Los Angeles Clipper are struggling. Then there’s the fact The City is the closest thing to a San Antonio Spurs dynasty in today’s NBA.

Many believe the Warriors are the best team, will have the best record this season, and should win the 2022 NBA Championship. 

So even though rookie James Wiseman has underperformed, players are jumping on the odds. Sports betting software agents must adjust GS team odds to ensure they profit from action on the Warriors.    

Phoenix Suns

Phoenix almost took the NBA crown last season. The Suns failed against Giannis and the Milwaukee Bucks. 

So far, the Suns have battled the Golden State Warriors for the best record in the league. Everything starts with Chris Paul, who is having another great season.

Phoenix mustn’t fall to the level of an NBA team like San Antonio, which means Paul and his mates must continue to beat rivals like the Los Angeles Lakers and Utah Jazz. 

Their odds will fall if the Suns enter the postseason with the best record to win rings. Online bookie software agents should keep that in mind when managing Suns’ sports betting action.   

Utah Jazz

The NBA stalwart Utah Jazz were last season’s Golden State Warriors. This season, not so much.

Donovan Mitchell provided a Curry-like performance in 2020-2021. But he hasn’t led the Jazz to the best regular-season record, at least not yet. 

Utah’s underperformance has led to decent odds on Salt Lake to win the championship. But that doesn’t mean free bookie software agents should adjust lines on Jazz games. 

Don’t get us wrong, the Jazz aren’t on the Oklahoma City Thunder level, but they don’t seem to have it. Next season could be the Jazz’s time. Therefore, price per head agents must adjust action on the 

Los Angeles Lakers

The Lakers decided to add a couple of players during free agency and create a Big Four. The gambit made sense.

The Miami Heat, Brooklyn Nets, and even Golden State had developed NBA Big Threes. So to win the NBA Title, LAL brass thought it a good idea to add Carmelo Anthony and Russell Westbrook to a team that included LeBron James and Anthony Davis.

The odds to win on the Los Angeles Lakers dived after signing Westbrook. Now the odds are much higher due to Los Angeles’ struggles.

LAL can’t keep everyone healthy, especially Davis, who must sit out until mid-January at the earliest. 

Injuries have caused the Lakers to fall to the Los Angeles Clippers’ level. The Los Angeles Lakers shouldn’t fall to the Oklahoma City Thunder level. Still, unless Hollywood turns around their season, online bookie agents shouldn’t worry so much about the Lakers winning rings.

Like the Dallas Mavericks, LAL might be playing for next season.       

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