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Get Ready for NBA Basketball Betting - Season Starts on Dec. 22

Get Ready for NBA Basketball Betting – Season Starts on December 22

In less than a month, the Los Angeles Lakers step onto the courts in an attempt to defend their 2020 NBA Finals title. The 2020-2021 National Basketball Association season starts on December 22, three days before Christmas. Is the league ready to start anew under the continued glare of the coronavirus pandemic? What teams should American bookie agents be aware of heading into a new NBA basketball betting season?

It feels like the Los Angeles Lakers won the NBA Orlando Bubble championship a couple of days ago. But although less than three months will have passed since the Lakers took the title back to Hollywood, the National Basketball Association will be back at it, ready to play as much of a regular-season as possible.

The 2020-2021 NBA Season kicks off on December 22. Even though the league has yet to release a schedule, Commissioner Adam Silver has made it clear that if the National Basketball Association doesn’t start their season before the 22nd, the league will lose hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue.

Nothing motivates pro sports franchise owners as much as the threat of losing money. Making money is one thing. One mustn’t make an insane profit to enjoy owning a sports franchise, but losing money? That’s something no owner can abide by, which is why we’re confident in stating that the NBA will start their season on time.

Questions remain, though. See below for how the league intends to pull off the 2020-2021 basketball season and NBA basketball betting juggernauts on which all bookie software agents must keep an eye.     

The NBA’s plan heading into the 2020-2021 season

The National Basketball Association has put together a plan to deal with the coronavirus pandemic and go back to as expected of a regular season as possible. The main gist of the NBA’s goal is to have each team play a total of 72 games making basketball betting as fun as it has been in the past.

Those teams will play three games versus each intra-conference opponent. To cut down on travel, teams will play either one home game and two road games or two home games and a single road game.

All five teams from a division will play all five teams from a different intraconference division twice at home. Teams will then play the other intraconference division twice on the road. The NBA also said there would be the 7th seed through the 10th seed playoff tournament for the final 8th seed in each conference.  

The NBA is going to release the schedule in two segments. The first half of the season’s plan will come out at the start of training camp. The second half schedule comes out near the end of the first-half schedule.

Not setting the second-half schedule until towards the end of the first-half gives the league flexibility should coronavirus-related issues arise. It also helps gambling website agents adjust future lines on the NBA Title, the MVP, and conference winners.

See below for the proposed 2020-2021 NBA Season schedule dates

  • NBA Preseason – December 11 – December 19
  • NBA Regular Season – December 22
  • All-Star Break – March 5 – 10
  • Regular Season Second-Half – March 11 – May 16
  • Play-in Tournament – May 18 – 21
  • 2021 NBA Playoffs – May 22 – July 22 

These teams figure to garner the most 2021 NBA Championship future action

Six teams should attract the most basketball betting on NBA futures platforms. All six have a shot at winning the title this season. Make sure to use pay per head sportsbook software to manage bets on whichever team your players over bet by setting max betting and max payout limits.  

  • Los Angeles Lakers – The Lakers added Marc Gasol, Wesley Matthews, and Denis Schroder. Denis is a legit point guard who can score. When he’s healthy, Gasol is one of the best centers in the league, while Matthews can score from anywhere on the court. The Lakers also signed one of the top sixth men in the NBA, Montrezl Harrell. 
  • Brooklyn Nets – Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant should be healthy this season. But the Nets aren’t just about Kyrie and KD. Starting center Jarrett Allen averaged over 11 points and close to 10 boards per last season. Allen’s back-up is DeAndre Jordan. DeAndre is one of the best defensive centers and rebounders in the league.
  • Los Angeles Clippers – The Clippers lost Harrell, but they signed Serge Ibaka. Serge is a veteran who could help the team in the playoffs. Ibaka, Kawhi Leonard, and Paul George make for a strong nucleus. Luke Kennard is another addition that could help the Clippers close the gap on the Lakers. 
  • Milwaukee Bucks – Jrue Holiday averaged 19 points, 4.8 boards, and 6.8 assists while a member of the New Orleans Pelicans last season. Finally, Giannis Antetokounmpo and Khris Middleton have some help. 
  • Miami Heat – Miami resigned both Bam Adebayo and Goran Dragic. Don’t forget that the Heat pushed the Lakers to six games. Dragic was out for all of it, and Bam skipped a couple of games due to injury.
  • Boston Celtics – Gordon Hayward bolted to the Charlotte Hornets. The Celtics did sign Tristan Thompson. He should help in the paint, and Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum make up the best duo of starting forwards in the league.  

Set your white label sportsbook up for NBA basketball betting success

Adam Silver and franchise owners won’t allow the National Basketball Association to push out their 2020-2021 season start date. The players are on board, which means gambling software agents should see basketball betting action on NBA futures starting in December and action on actual NBA games starting on December 22.

The great news doesn’t mean bookies can rest. Adding free betting software platform options should increase player betting. Two of those platforms, the Premium Casino with the latest 3D games and the Live+ in-game betting platform with game trackers and video streams, are at a low PPH sportsbook cost.

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