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Bookie FIFA World Cup Betting Basics

Online Bookie Playbook: Soccer Betting & FIFA World Cup Betting Basics

The FIFA World Cup just completed it’s first Group Stage games. Some sports bettors might not be aware of how to take on FIFA World Cup betting.

That’s what this blog is about.

We’ve written to help you, the online bookie agent, educate your players about FIFA World Cup betting.

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Online Bookie Playbook: FIFA World Cup Betting Basics

There are 3 types of World Cup wagers:

  1. Handicap or spread line betting
  2. Moneyline and draw betting
  3. total goals betting

Let’s go through each category right now.

Moneyline and Draw Betting

Moneyline and draw betting is the most basic way on which to bet on a World Cup match. Check out an example:

Argentina Even vs Croatia +295

Argentina versus Croatia takes place on Thursday, June 21. The World Cup betting odds above say that Argentina pays even money to beat Croatia. Croatia’s odds are +295, or 2.95 to 1.

If a bettor placed $100 bucks on Argentina to win and Argentina won, the payout would be $200. If a bettor placed $100 on Croatia to win and Croatia won, the payout would be $395.

The draw bet is just another moneyline wager. All the draw means is that the teams tie. For Argentina and Croatia, the draw odds are +235.

Handicap or Spread Betting

We call it spread betting in the U.S. because we’re used to making wagers on NFL and NBA contests. The rest of the world calls it handicap betting. Here’s an example.

Argentina -1/2 +105 vs Croatia +1/2 -125

If Argentina beats Croatia by a goal, the bettor that backed Argentina at -1/2 +105 wins. If Croatia loses by a goal, the Croatian backer loses.

However, if the match ends in a tie, the Argentinian backer loses while the Croatian backer wins. Why? The sports bettor that backed Croatia gets a half a goal. A draw is a tie. Croatian backers are getting +1/2.

Total Goals In FIFA World Cup Betting

Total goal betting is just like wagering on a football over/under. Instead of something like 44.5 points, though, a total goal number is much, much less.

The average total goal number for a World Cup match is 2. It’s rare to see a total goal number above 4.

It’s even more rare to see a total goal number at 5 or higher—No matter what the match.

Argentina vs Croatia – Over 2 goals -155 / Under 2 goals +130

If Argentina and Croatia account for 3 goals, over bettors win.

If Argentina and Croatia account for only a single goal, under bettors win.

Which means if the goal total ends at exactly 2, it’s a tie.

The World Cup comes around every 4 years. Since it’s not frequent, many sports bettors might not know how to wager on World Cup games.

This blog should help online bookie agents educate their players and get them excited for World Cup betting.

If you’re realizing it’s time to get your players betting on soccer, start marketing to them now!

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FIFA World Cup Betting is a big deal to soccer fans. So, understanding the ins and outs make it easier to market, and easier to profit from.

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