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Get Up-To-Date With The Premier League & Bookie Tactics To Consider

Get Up-To-Date With The Premier League & Bookie Tactics To Consider

With football season officially over until late August and early September, online Pay Per Head bookie agents must find other revenue streams. Some great revenue streams are NHL, NBA, and NCAAB, but today we’re looking at the English Premier League.

All 3 should produce bookie profits until MLB starts in April. That’s another revenue stream to add.

However, per head agents could add one of the most profitable revenue streams imaginable to their bookmaking arsenal right now, today.

The 2018-2019 English Premier League continues it’s fantastic season.

English Premier League Can Provide Big Profits

But, “my players don’t bet on EPL”, you say?

No worries.

Check out 3 ways to promote action on English Premier League games.

1. Promote English Premier League Championship Futures

They use a point system in EPL to determine their champion. Why? In European soccer leagues, they want to reward teams that perform great through the course of an entire season.

Soccer teams play in multiple tournaments throughout the year.

The league championship is for the best team that season. Manchester City has 62 points. So does Liverpool, yet Man City’s odds to win the EPL title is -120 while Liverpool’s at +110.

Now, think about this: if players decide they don’t like either Manchester City or John Lennon’s hometown team, they get over +1500 odds on every other team to win the English Premier League this season.

Tottenham’s at +1600. Manchester United is at +25000. If players don’t think dogs win the English Premier League, they’ve forgotten that Leicester City won the title in 2016 at 5,000/1.

If you do promote EPL futures, though, absolutely make sure to set max betting limits. Heck, maybe even take teams after Tottenham off the board.

2. Promote individual EPL matches

Like in hockey, underdogs win on the moneyline all the time in soccer. Manchester City has 4 losses this season. They were favored in all 4 matches. Tottenham has 6 losses.

The Hotspur wasn’t favored in all 6 of their losses, but they were favored in most of them.

Cardiff City, a major underdog in almost every match, has 6 victories, meaning they’ve won 6 times probably as an underdog.

3. Players can wager on the draw and the handicap

Players mustn’t just wager on the moneyline. They can also make money wagering on the goal handicap.

Whenever a team like Manchester City, Liverpool, or Tottenham takes on a squad like Huddersfield Town, they’re favored by 2 ½, sometimes up to 4 ½ goals.

That allows soccer bettors to put money behind good teams for better odds.

Players must give up goals, but it’s a risk worth taking. Man City beat Cardiff 5-0 earlier this season. Tottenham beat Cardiff 3-0. Both those games led to wins on the handicap.

Soccer bettors also wager on the draw.

Unlike other sports where draws don’t always happen, they are a regular occurrence in soccer. Manchester City has 2 draws, Liverpool has 5 draws, Chelsea has 5 draws, Man United has 5 draws, and Arsenal has 5 draws.

The only top team in English Premier League that has no draws this season is Tottenham.

Pay per head agents should have no trouble enticing bettors to wager on EPL games. They’ve got the greatest enticement available to them, the chance for players to make money.

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