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Cross Promoted Parlays

Cross-Sport Promoted Parlays This Weekend For More Profit

Cross-sport parlays are always a great way for pay per head agents to encourage more action.

This weekend, there are plenty of NHL, NBA, and NCAA Men’s College Basketball Tournament games to set up difficult to handicap cross-sport promoted parlays.

Cross-Sport Promoted Parlays This Weekend

See below for the events to use to encourage action on bookie promoted cross-sports parlays.

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4 – NCAA College Basketball

There should be two NCAA College Basketball Elite Eight games on Saturday and two Elite Eight games on Sunday.

No matter who ends up playing in the Elite Eight this weekend, the game should be ultra-difficult to handicap.

The reason I’m comfortable writing that because at this stage teams left in March Madness are there because they’re good basketball teams.

Pay per head agents should include at least two Elite Eight games into all cross-sport parlays. The reason is due to the nature of these games.

Don’t forget to be equipped with the right tools this weekend for all regular NCAAB bets for Sweet 16 & Elite 8.

21 – NBA Games

The NBA has six games on Saturday, March 24. On Sunday, March 25, the NBA has fifteen games.

On Saturday, two games appear difficult to handicap: L.A. Lakers at Memphis Grizzlies and Minnesota Timberwolves at Philadelphia 76’ers.

On Sunday, March 25, there are plenty of games that online bookie agents can add to a Sunday cross-sport promoted parlay.

Check out the list:

Cleveland at Brooklyn

San Antonio at Milwaukee

Miami at Indiana

Portland at Oklahoma City

Atlanta at Houston

Utah at Golden State

17 – NHL Games

The NHL has 12 games on Saturday, March 24. Many NHL games are great additions to any cross-sport parlay. The reason is that a lot of NHL games are difficult to handicap.

It’s important for agents to look for NHL games where huge favorites don’t exist, though.

The following games on Saturday shouldn’t yield big money line favorites:

Vegas at Colorado

Washington at Montreal

Detroit at Toronto

Tampa Bay at New Jersey

Chicago at New York Islanders

St. Louis at Columbus

Nashville at Minnesota

On Sunday, March 25, the NHL has five games. Four of the five games could be added to cross-sport parlays: Philadelphia at Pittsburgh, Nashville at Winnipeg, Boston at Minnesota, Anaheim at Edmonton.

Remember, offer cross-sport promoted parlays at higher odds than traditional parlays. A 5-team parlay usually pays 20 to 1.

If you, the pay per head agent, promotes a 5-team cross-sport parlay ensure that you offer odds above 20 to 1. Odds should be around 24 to 1 to 26 to 1 on a 5-team promoted cross-sport parlay.

Remember, your edge is in the fact that you decide on the games for the cross-sport promoted parlays. The carrot to your clients that increase more action is in the odds, the higher potential payout.

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