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Cincinnati Bengals 2023 Preview

Cincinnati Bengals 2023 Preview from PayPerHead

In the past two seasons, the Cincinnati Bengals have upset the Kansas City Chiefs to make it to the 2021 Super Bowl and have lost to KC in the AFC Championship. This season, it’s SB or bust for the Bengals and their fans. Keep reading for what pay per head agents must know about the Cincinnati Bengals heading into the upcoming 2023-2024 NFL Season.

For Cincinnati, it’s the Lombardi Trophy or nothing

The Kansas City Chiefs are at the top of most NFL Power Rankings. It makes sense because Patrick Mahomes and his mates won the Super Bowl this year.

But although KC will be at the top of the mountain to start the 2023 NFL Regular Season, the Cincinnati Bengals rank second in more than one preseason power ranking poll. If you ask bookie betting agents who they prefer to win the Super Bowl, no doubt they’ll go with the Bengals.

Is Cincy’s season to lose? Check out a pay per head sportsbook perspective of the Bengals’ offense, defense and a schedule prediction. 

Cincinnati Bengals offense analysis

Joe Burrow is as good as it gets. Joe Cool has led the Bengals to the Super Bowl and to the AFC Championship, which makes him the second best quarterback in the AFC after Mahomes. 

This season, Burrow could surpass Mahomes if the changes to the offensive line take. The Bengals attracted KC’s left tackle from last season, Orlando Brown Jr., to Cincinnati. 

Brown Jr. is an upgrade over Jonah Williams. The former LT has complained about switching from left to right, but if Williams accepts playing right tackle. 

Cincinnati is a great offensive line play away from dominating the AFC. With time, Burrow will have no trouble scoring points against the rival Cleveland Browns, the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Baltimore Ravens, the Chiefs, the Bills, the Broncos, or any other team they face in the regular season or playoffs. 

Cincinnati Bengals 2023 PreviewCincinnati Bengals defense analysis

The Bengals boast one of the league’s top pairs of defensive ends, Trey Hendrickson and Sam Hubbard. If Hendrickson and Hubbard remain healthy throughout the season, Cincy will have a great chance of beating Kansas City for the conference’s top record.

The question regarding the Bengals’ D is at the safety positions. Dax Hill starts at free safety. Hill must prove he can handle a full season load. 

Nick Scott played great for the L.A. Rams at strong safety last season. Changing teams doesn’t always flatter personal ability. Scott may underperform in the first game and possibly the second game.

But Scott should find his footing. The Bengals’ brass will make the necessary changes if he doesn’t. 

Cincinnati Bengals schedule analysis & prediction

Before their NFL Week 7 bye, the Bengals are at Cleveland, versus Baltimore, versus the Rams, at Tennessee, at Arizona, and versus Seattle.

There’s a good chance Cincinnati goes 6-0 in those first six games. Bookie software agents should take note and set max limits on every Bengals’ money line that poses betting program risk. 

Then after the bye, Cincinnati is at San Francisco, versus Buffalo, Houston, at Baltimore, Pittsburgh, at Jacksonville, Indianapolis, Minnesota, at Pittsburgh, at Kansas City, and Cleveland.

Cincy shouldn’t beat the 49ers on the road, and Jacksonville is also a good team. But Cincy figures to get by the Jags. 

Losing to Kansas City and Pittsburgh are real possibilities. The Bengals project to lose at least one more game versus the Vikings, Bills, or Colts at home. 

At the end of the season, Cincy should boast a 13-4 straight up record. 

How to manage future betting on the Cincinnati Bengals

Every bookmaker software agent should set max limits on all Bengals’ future betting options on their bookmaker website. Setting max limits will ensure bookie website agents can manage risk.

While setting max limits on the Bengals to win the AFC and the Super Bowl, remember to set limits on individual awards. Joe Burrow is the second choice to win NFL MVP after Mahomes.

Wide receiver Ja’Marr Chase can win NFL Offensive Player of the Year. Make sure to use your bookmaker software to set max limits. 

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