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Call PayPerHead for a Free Bookie Website Consultation

Call PayPerHead for a Free Bookie Website Consultation

Online sportsbook entrepreneurs are on the rise. Sports betting acceptance has led to online betting sites becoming a legitimate entrepreneurial enterprise. Check out how you can not only use top proprietary software free for two weeks but also take advantage of a free bookie website consultation.  

In 2018, the U.S. Supreme Court struck down the law that gave the state of Nevada a sports betting monopoly. Since striking down the law, corporations have moved into the betting on sports space.

Once corporations dived into the industry, individual pay per head sportsbook agents feared the corporations would run them out of business. But something strange happened.

Not only did corporations not run individual PPH sports bookies out of business, but they failed to make a dent. More individual bookmakers are thriving in today’s industry than ever. 

One reason is that bookies can use sportsbook software to run their companies. Not all software is the same, so we offer ours free for a couple of weeks and a free bookmaker consultation.  

Why All Bookmakers Require A Free Bookie Consultation

Whether you are new to running an online bookie sportsbook or not, you can’t go wrong by speaking to one of our experts. Check out why our software is different and what you must do to create a sportsbook that competes with more prominent offshore sportsbooks and U.S.-based corporations. 

Not all sports betting software is the same

Since most sports betting industry software does the same thing, we might believe all software is the same. But that’s not true. 

Not all sports betting software is the same. The word to remember is proprietary. When you sign up with PayPerHead, we use our software.

It means that we can provide you with a different level of service. We can also add more robust, money making platforms with ease.  

If you want to run a successful online betting site, you must do the following

The most crucial aspect of running a successful bookie software site is to provide personal customer service. Sports bettors require a personal touch.

Not having the personal touch is one of the reasons organizations like DraftKings, although growing revenue, remain unprofitable

Revenue in the sports world is different from revenue in other industries. Revenue doesn’t always translate to profit in the online sportsbooks industry. 

Many times, winning bets and losing bets cancel out each other. So a corporation like DraftKings makes much less profit than many believe. 

If you run a pay per head bookie site, you will be familiar with what we’ve written. If not, read to understand what you require to make it in the sports betting world. 

Offer a free website that provides fair betting odds

You must offer fair odds on the following:

  • NFL 

  • NCAAF 

  • NBA 

  • NHL 


In addition to the above, players will also call bookie agents looking to bet on the following: 

  • MLB sports betting odds

  • Soccer sports betting odds

  • MMA & Boxing sports betting odds

Offer fair odds on every sports betting option. Sports betting players can turn to one of your competitors or call up an offshore organization.

So don’t mess around by making harsh lines. We provide tools that allow you to cut risk on big bets.

Sports betting agents mustn’t play the spread line game. With our betting program software, agents can offer the best lines and utilize tools to maintain a healthy sports betting site.  

Why proprietary online sportsbook management software is best

The main reason to use proprietary software is that we can take care of it right away if an issue arises. You mustn’t wait for someone to get back to you after calling a third-party software provider. 

The other main reason is below. We provide a way for you to make online payments and collect online. 

Use a viable bookie software agent payments system

Once you sign up with us, you can use various banking methods to pay players or get paid by your players. 

  • Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Stellar 

  • Credit Card & Debit Card

  • e-check 

  • MoneyGram

Three common questions an online sports betting software consultation can answer

Now that you know why we offer the best pay per head software check out three common questions one of our experts will answer during your consultation.  

Should I offer horse racing?

Surprised? Don’t be. Running a racebook provides considerable risk. Horse racing can destroy your sportsbook.

Racetracks make money from every dollar wagered on an event. The racetrack makes its cut no matter which horse wins because every dollar goes into a pool. Winning bets pay after the race track takes their cut. 

Horseplayers bet $263.2 million on the Churchill Downs Kentucky Derby card. So if we assume Churchill’s cut was 20% on average, not an unrealistic assumption, the Twin Spires cleared $52.64 million.

Because you run an individual racebook, you don’t take a cut. Instead, you must pay out winners. 

Most bookies shouldn’t even consider opening their racebook. They must set max betting limits and max payout limits if they do.  

Call PayPerHead for a Free Bookie Website ConsultationHow much can you make with proprietary software?

Our expert consultants will discuss how our software can help you make more money. We understand that every bookmaker is different.

What’s right for one bookmaker is different for another. Perhaps, you require reseller tools because sub-agents are using your brand.

Maybe, you require an understanding of how cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum can help make your site more efficient. We look at your site during your consultation and then determine how our software can help you.    

What must I do to create an online sports betting company that lasts?

We’re not a fly-by-night organization. So if you’re looking for cheap pay per head services, we’re not the company for you.

No worries. You go your way, and we’ll go ours. 

If you’re serious about creating a long-lasting, profitable sportsbook organization, we are the right company. 

Use PayPerHead software free for two weeks and get an online sportsbook consultation

The consultation and free two weeks promo work together. The two weeks free won’t last forever.

Sign up soon if you want to access our software and take it for a test run without paying a dime. The bookmaker consultation is where the real power lies. 

Our experts, at no charge, will tell you how to create a more profitable sportsbook. Call us at 1-800-605-4767 for a free website consultation. 

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