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Add a Premium Online Virtual Casino to Your Sportsbook

Add a Premium Online Virtual Casino to Your Sportsbook

During the NHL and NBA shutdowns, American bookie agents saw how vital their digital casinos were. Online virtual casinos have become one of the most critical revenue-generating platforms a bookie can offer on an agent’s gambling website. Check out how upgrading to a premium online virtual casino mobile platform can boost profit.

Once the pandemic caused sports shutdowns, some sportsbook operators panicked. After all, they didn’t believe they could survive in a world devoid of sports. But what most discovered is that sports bettors are gamblers and that even though they couldn’t offer basketball and that the NCAA had canceled the Men’s College Basketball Tournament, their customers found other things on which to gamble.

One of those things was games in their online virtual casinos. Betting on casino games has been around much longer than wagering on football. Roulette, one of the most wagered on games in every casino no matter where it exists, has its origins in the 18th century.

For many sports bettors, the mantra became, “no sports, no problem.” Revenue generated from both live dealer casino platforms and online virtual casino mobile platforms reflected that. Players decided to wager on their phones in between and sometimes during episodes of their favorite shows on Netflix, Hulu, or other streaming devices.

The good news for pay per head agents that offer free betting software is that casino play hasn’t depreciated even though football has returned, college basketball teams have hit the hardcourts, and the NBA starts their new season on Dec. 22. If anything, bookies must consider upgrading their casino by making it a prime platform.

Premium Virtual Online Casino Advantages

Most pph sportsbook agents have seen an uptick in casino wagering. That trend should continue into 2021. Many casino analysts believe that the betting shift from land-based casino operations to digital casino companies will heat up in 2021.

Most casino players will make bets on virtual casino mobile games. Estimates say that over 4 billion people own smartphones. New Zealand, where sixty online casinos operate, saw a 59% rise in casino app downloads.

Interestingly, the rise in downloads happened as New Zealand opened the nation to sports betting. As the U.S. opens more and more to betting on sports, the increase in mobile game casino play should mirror New Zealand’s rise.

Can you think of better news for sportsbook software agents? But make no mistake. Land-based operations won’t go away quietly, while larger online casino organizations will attempt to grab as much of the rising market share as possible.

To compete, bookmakers should add platforms like the Premium Casino offered by Check out a list of reasons why all agents should add the Premium Casino. 

Premium Casino Advantages

  • Latest 3D games – Prime casinos provide the latest in top-notch, close to VR, 3D games. Options like Book of Darkness, The Hive, Back to Venus, and Gears of Time are currently available. As creators develop new games, premium casinos add those options. There are also updated versions of classic table games like blackjack, roulette, craps, and baccarat.  
  • Mobile compatibility – Casinos with the premium label are mobile compatible. Technology allows players to wager wherever and whenever they are. Close to virtual reality, 3D games can look just as good on mobile devices as they do on desktops. 
  • Instant, viewable, ROI – Agents instantly know when they’ve made money. Casino betting isn’t the same as wagering on a sports event. The return on your investment to upgrade to a premium casino becomes visible as soon as players lose. 
  • Self-service play – Digital casinos run themselves. Once an agent upgrades to a prime casino and turns it on, that’s pretty much it. No more upkeep required. The agent can sit back and relax. Changing betting limits is the only thing agents must do. Bookies mustn’t even worry about players adding funds to their accounts. The Agent Payment Solution (APS) allows you to make online payments and collections. Players can also fund their accounts through the APS.

Ride Online Virtual Casino Mobile Wave

Now is a great time to add a premium virtual casino mobile option to your current platform offerings. The rise in casino play on smartphones and tablets should take a massive leap in 2021. 

To create a white label sportsbook, per head agents must offer the same wagering platforms that larger online sportsbooks offer. A premium casino, especially PayPerHead’s, is one way to stay competitive. 

By importing your players to PayPerHead, sportsbook agents can also use the Agent Payment Solution and make even more money with the bookmaking software industry’s best referral program. Contact a customer service rep and ask about the latest promotion.   

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