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6 Bubble Teams In Your Sportsbook

NCAA Bubble Teams to Watch

6 NCAA Bubble Teams Bookies Should Watch (And How to Deal With Them)

March is upon us. Soon the madness will be out of control. Online bookie agents know that no other time during the year do longshots perform better than in the NCAA Tournament, and that’s why it’s important for agents to take a gander at the following 6 bubble teams.

6 Bubble Teams In NCAA

Ensure profit by specifically dealing with each of the 6 NCAA bubble teams listed below.

Texas 100/1

Simply setting max betting limits on the Texas Longhorns to win the NCAA Tournament should suffice. The Longhorns’ top player. Mohammed Bamba could dominate in the NCAA Tournament.

But, there’s a chance Texas doesn’t even secure a bid to the NCAA Tournament.

Syracuse 150/1

Syracuse is always dangerous bubble team if the Orange gets a bid into the NCAA Tournament.

Max betting limits are necessary.

It’s also necessary to set overrides if the Orange gets in.

There could be a situation where more than a couple of pro bettors pounce on Syracuse just because they’re Syracuse.

UCLA 66/1

The UCLA Bruins have been hot. UCLA’s odds have dropped all the way to 66 to 1 from around 100 to 1. The Bruins aren’t even guaranteed to get in.

If they do, per head agents should be careful. Large bets on UCLA could pay off.

Why? The Bruins have excellent guards including 6’ 8” Kris Wilkes. They also have a decent front court led by Aaron Holiday and Thomas Welsh.

If UCLA manages to make it into the NCAA Tournament, make sure you’ve set overrides.

Also, make sure there’s a max betting limit on the Bruins to win it all.

USC 80/1

Like UCLA, USC could be a dangerous team in the NCAA Tournament. Unlike UCLA, USC doesn’t have the necessary guard play to really make a move.

Should agents worry about the Trojans winning the NCAA Tournament? Doubtful.

This might be a case of allowing as many future book dollars to land on the Trojans as possible.

Miami FL 100/1

The Hurricanes are another squad that deserves max betting limits. Miami is a fringe team that figures to get in. The Hurricanes beat North Carolina 91 to 88 on Feb. 27.

That’s 3 wins in a row.

At 100 to 1 odds, Miami FL is talented enough to go deep into the NCAA Tournament. Sure, the chances of Miami FL winning the NCAA Tournament is higher than 100 to 1.

But, do you want to be the online bookie agent that takes that risk?

Kansas State 200/1

K-State is a NCAA bubble team at 20 and 9. Here’s the thing: if the Wildcats can provide a deep run in the Big 12 Tournament, it should be hard for the Selection Committee to keep them out.

If the Wildcats lose to Baylor on March 3, they might not get in.

In any case, 200 to 1 odds are high enough to warrant a max betting limit.

Don’t play with NCAA bubble teams fire

Teams can get hot in the NCAA Tournament. When in doubt, set max betting limits.

Be sure you have the right tools in place for March Madness by having premium tools up your sleeve.

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