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2022 NHL Stanley Cup Final Preview

2022 NHL Stanley Cup Final Preview

The Tampa Bay Lightning will head to their third straight Stanley Cup Final when the two-time defending champions take on the Colorado Avalanche. The Stanley Cup Finals don’t often produce a dynasty team. Tampa could be the first in a while. Check out everything bookmaker software agents must know for the 2022 NHL Stanley Cup Finals. 

Don’t expect the National Hockey League to drive as much action to your pay per head sportsbook as the NFL or even the NBA. But like all championship series, the Stanley Cup attracts mass attention.

Any sporting event attracting attention is bound to generate pay per head sportsbook action. This year’s Stanley Cup Final is no exception. 

An added benefit to the 2022 Stanley Cup is that the Tampa Bay Lightning will be playing for their third straight Stanley Cup Finals trophy. The Lightning won the Eastern Conference Finals four games to two over the upstart New York Rangers.

The Colorado Avalanche handled their Western Conference Final rivals, the Edmonton Oilers, without sweating. The Avs brought out the brooms and swept the Oilers four games to zero. 

Competitive play should reign at this year’s Stanley Cup. The Tampa Bay Lightning are on the cusp of becoming a dynasty while the Colorado Avalanche were the regular season’s best squad. 

Check out everything you must know about both teams, the PayPerHead prediction, and how to manage Stanley Cup action.

2022 NHL Stanley Cup Final Preview2022 NHL Stanley Cup Final: Lightning vs. Avalanche

See below for this year’s Stanley Cup schedule. The Avalanche has home-ice advantage over the Lightning. 

2022 NHL Stanley Cup Final Schedule

  • Game 1 – Wednesday, June 15 at 8:00 pm ET at Colorado
  • Game 2 – Saturday, June 18 at 8:00 pm ET at Colorado
  • Game 3 – Monday, June 20 at 8:00 pm ET at Tampa Bay
  • Game 4 – Wednesday, June 22 at 8:00 pm ET at Tampa Bay
  • Game 5 – Friday, June 24 at 8:00 pm ET at Colorado – if necessary
  • Game 6 – Sunday, June 26 at  8:00 pm ET at Tampa Bay – if necessary
  • Game 7 – Tuesday, June 28 at 8:00 pm ET at Colorado – if necessary

Western Conference Final Champion – Colorado Avalanche

The Avs dominated their Western Conference Playoff foes. Colorado lost a total of two matches during the entire playoffs. 

Check out how the Avalanche stamped their ticket to the Stanley Cup Final. 

  • Nashville Predators – 4 games to 0
  • St. Louis Blues – 4 games to 2
  • Edmonton Oilers – 4 games to 0

Colorado Avalanche Offense

Colorado’s exceptional offense starts with Nathan McKinnon. McKinnon had a single goal and one assist in the 6-5 Game 4 win versus the Edmonton Oilers.

But his presence and the things he does that won’t show up on a stat sheet is why the Avs are in the Cup Final. See below for Colorado’s offense stats.

  • Goals – 3.4 per
  • Shots – 35 per
  • Power Play – 24%
  • Faceoff – 47.3%

Colorado Avalanche Defense

Colorado keeper Pavel Francouz allows 2.55 goals per match. Francouz should start every game in the Cup Final.

Check out the Avs’ defensive stats.

  • Goals Against – 2.8 per
  • Shots Against – 32
  • Penalty Kill – 79.7%

Why the Avalanche will drive action to your bookie website

The Avs not only dominated their Stanley Cup Playoffs opponent in every round but also during the regular season.

Colorado ended the regular season with 119 points, 3 points off top squad Florida. The Panthers are no longer playing for the title. Colorado is.

The Avalanche has a tough road ahead, but they’ve got home-ice advantage. Pay per head bookie agents should expect plenty of action on the Avs. 

Eastern Conference Final Champion – Tampa Bay Lightning

Starting on Wednesday, June 15, the Tampa Bay Lightning step onto the ice in an attempt to complete one of the rarest feats in sports, the three-peat. Tampa didn’t enter the NHL Playoffs a favorite to make it to the final series.

The Toronto Maple Leafs and Florida Panthers finished the regular season with more points than the Tampa Bay Lightning. But the Lightning is the team that made it to the Cup Final.  

Tampa Bay Lightning Offense

Tampa’s offense has stepped it up in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. But in the playoffs, they’ve been efficient with their shot selection. 

The Lightning scored more during the regular season. See below for Tampa’s offense stats during the NHL Regular Season. 

  • Goals – 3.5 per
  • Shots – 30.9 per
  • Power Play – 23.9%
  • Faceoff – 50.1%

Tampa Bay Lightning Defense

The Lightning defense is why Tampa has a real shot at winning their third Stanley Cup Playoffs trophy. The Lightning is one of the top defensive teams in the NHL.

Goalie Andrei Vasilevskiy allows less than 2.5 goals per match. Check out the Lightning’s defense stats during the regular season. 

  • Goals Against – 2.8 per
  • Shots Against – 29.8
  • Penalty Kill – 80.6%

Why the Lightning will drive action to your bookie software site

The Tampa Bay Lightning have won two straight Stanley Cup Final tournaments. The Western Conference Final victors don’t have nearly the experience of the Tampa Bay Lightning.  

The Eastern Conference Final winners have a fantastic defense and excellent offense to go along with their experience. Many players are going to see Tampa’s last couple of Stanley Cup victories as a sign they’re on their way to another.  

2022 NHL Stanley Cup Final PreviewWhich Team Wins the 2022 NHL Stanley Cup Finals

Based on the regular season and playoffs, it’s difficult to go against the Colorado Avalanche. Colorado stepped it up versus Edmonton and their star players, Leo Draisatl and Connor McDavid.

The Avs beat the St. Louis Blues, the 2019 Cup winners. And the Colorado Avalanche has home-ice. So it makes sense why so many will back the Avalanche to win the Stanley Cup.

But the Tampa Bay Lightning know how to play in pressure situations. Not only that, Vasilevskiy is a superior goalie to Francouz. 

We may be going out on a limb here, but we see Tampa Bay winning in 5. That’s right. 5 games. 

The Lightning has a better defense, is more experienced, and has the better keeper. Tampa wins Lord Stanley’s hardware for the third straight season. 

The Stanley Cup Prediction: Tampa Bay Lightning 5 games to 1

Managing 2022 NHL Stanley Cup Action

To ensure NHL Playoff Finals’ success, you should use two PayPerHead sportsbook software tools. The layoff account and setting max betting limits will help you profit more.

We’ve added a few words on managing Premium Props action. 

Layoff account

Lay off action on any overplayed teams. Don’t mess with NHL hockey bets. 

The National Hockey League has more parity than other sports leagues in the United States, including the NFL and NBA. To ensure a profit, lay off risky bets. 

Set max betting limits

Set max moneyline limits. NHL handicapping experts will dump on the Avs or the Lightning if they see a plus moneyline.

Or if they see weakness on the chalk, smart handicappers will back the favorite. Set max limits on both ML sides. 

Manage Premium Props action

Prop action on NHL hockey matches can lead to significant scores. To prevent huge scores, set max limits on all prop wagers.

Also, never allow a player to include a prop into more than a 2-team parlay. Prop bettors are experts at finding overlay prop options. 




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