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football bookie strategy 2019

2019 Football Bookie Strategy

Pay Per Head agents who expect to survive football season 2019 must prepare their bankroll and bookie strategy accordingly.

We are coming into one of the most high-profile times of the year for sports bettors, and as football season 2019 gears up, a bookie should be planning their strategy.  As NFL preseason wraps up, we’re ready for the kickoff of the 2019-2020 football season; the wait is finally over!

With week 1 still far enough away to finalize your strategy as a Pay Per Head agent, it’s a good time to take a look at some tips & tricks of being a bookie to help you market and profit on the NFL this season.

Now is the time when you should be revving up for the next campaign and strategizing your best plan of attack come NFL’s week-1 kickoff.  Active and assertive agents are the best kind so don’t find yourself sitting on the sidelines waiting for the action to begin before formulating a plan.

Football Bookie Strategy: Value in the Preseason

While most agents and clients will be laser focused on the games that actually count, overlooking the preseason can be a costly misstep.  Week-3 is really the only game worth watching, but weeks 2 & 4 make for great foreplay to sports bettors before the regular season payoff. It’s also a fantastic way to generate some early NFL income to further cement your presence throughout the season and able to survive some rough spots, which will come.

One thing to remember is that sports bettors often have an out of sight, out of mind mentality when it comes to their wagering.  Many of the major odds sites don’t prominently display preseason games sufficiently to garner much interest. This is a great advantage to use your social media & your Pay Per Head software to build out an NFLX odds board which offers clients a number of ways to bet on that week’s slate of games.

An effective way to up your client’s interest is to promote not only NFLx spreads, totals and sides but also halftime, alt spreads and even props.  While this might make setting your betting limits, the extra overall wagers will be well worth the leg-work.  Now, don’t expect to see the same volume of wagers compared to those on a NFL regular season week, you will still be seeing extra action in the final slow weeks of 2019 in terms of sports betting.

Getting Clients Excited for the NFL Regular Season

While week-1 is something the majority of sports bettors have been waiting for since February, there is still room to promote your sportsbook’s  2019 NFL football offerings to both existing and prospective clients alike.  There are a number of obvious and not so obvious ways to accomplish this over the next few weeks leading up to kickoff.

First off is a well-established, yet easily overlooked tactic.  A priority for offering games, aside from any handicapping reasons, are to make sure they are nationally televised.  This is true for both regular and pre-season games as the more blue-chip events tend to draw more attention across the board.  Give your clients something to focus on so they don’t waste time making the decision on what to bet and can spend more time actually wagering.

Another tip for your football strategy as a bookie, to entice clients, might be a bit less obvious, especially to all you old school guys out there.  Take some time to update the graphics and call to action elements of your sportsbook’s website with a new and appealing NFL theme.  Don’t let your clients forget for even a second that NFL betting is king and that they should wager accordingly. If you are technologically deficient, then just ask your punk nephew who is always messing around on his Atari game system and wearing sneakers with lights in them.  It’s a simple and quick task but one which really makes a difference when executed properly.  If you’re having trouble thinking creatively just surf the google machine, review some templates and give it your best shot.

Now is the time to get into gear and ramp up your marketing across the board.  Be it email blasts, group texts or social media posts, it is imperative you work diligently to garner new customers ASAP.  The best marketing tool to expand the berth and reach of your brand is still word of mouth, so get your brand out there, dazzle them with your business and get em’ talking.

Promote 2019 NFL Season Props

Many NFL gamblers not only yearn for the weekly satisfaction that the regular season brings, but also love to spice things up with season long props.

Perhaps the most popular lane of NFL season prop betting is betting season win totals. This type of wager allows players to enjoy the rollercoaster ride that is an entire NFL season on just one bet.  The trick here is to promote a few top-tier teams such as the Patriots and Eagles along with a few dark horse OVER bets on the likes of the Jaguars or Raiders. Don’t forget to set max betting limits on any plus money payouts to protect your profits come season’s end. Just remember to stick primarily to big market teams who you believe will either over or underachieve in 2019 and get your clients on board. Only a single team can win it all which sets off a great opportunity to cash in on anyone who bet on the other 31 squads.

Another popular avenue for season football props in your bookie strategy is those tied directly to a single player to either win one of the major year-end awards to hit a certain statistical milestone.  Sports bettors like only one thing more than betting on their own team and that is betting on their favorite player.  Ergo any New England homer would happily bet for Tom Brady to win the MVP or lead the league in passing yards.  This takes getting to know your clients personally to a certain degree, another great use for your social media accounts.  Does a big player of yours dress his corgis exclusively in Aaron Rodgers onesies and has a green and yellow #12 decal on the driver’s door of their Mazda Miata? A guy like this might be interested in the odds for A-Rod to win the offensive MVP award in 2019, and might be willing to bet big on his man crush.

Long story short, as an independent bookie trying to make a dollar out of 15 cents, you can’t afford to lose any customers who turn elsewhere to bet on something that you are not offering.  Be diverse with your football strategy as a bookie, switch things up week to week and keep your clients interested for an entire season.

Now that you have your clients in the door and ready to rock, we now have to make sure to understand how Pay Per Head software can be your wingman in the hunt for profits.

Make Pay Per Head’s Bookie Software Work for you

Our online sportsbook software offers the ability to customize and manage your independent sportsbook endeavor with the backing of our 24/ agent support team.  This helps out both you and your clients in a real win win situation.

Not only do clients get access to their very own digital account, but the updated user experience is something most expect only from the massive offshore books.  Optimized for mobile and full of features our football betting software makes for easy wagering and to the second betting.  Don’t forget about our live betting software which keeps clients betting even after the opening whistle.

The features aren’t just for the clients of course as Pay Per Head offers an industry leading level of tools to ensure our agents have all the information possible.  You will be able to monitor the market as a whole, where are bettors betting tonight? What kinds of bets are your clients making? Are they winning?  The parameters for our search function are incredibly diverse and allow for agents to really delve into the statistics of their sportsbook in order to carve out more opportunities for profits.

While the software is a your most valuable tool, it’s not the only one.  Your company website is essentially your storefront, make it more attractive and see your conversions rise.  Your website is highly customizable to best highlight whatever you want clients to be focusing on for any given day or week.  If you manage to create the look of a first-class sportsbook it will further legitimize you as an entity in the industry and draw new players in like moths to a porch light.

It just makes sense to sign up as an agent today if you have not already done so, there is still time to get things up and running to take bets week- 1.  As an added incentive we are offering a preseason promotion for new agents that sign up, offering $3 per head for up to 3 months.  You won’t find a better deal in town with all these features so pounce on it while you can and open your online sportsbook today!

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