So you think that you have what it takes to be a successful online bookie? Maybe you do, and maybe you don’t. It is always important to be certain that you have the right traits to be a successful bookie before you get involved in the business. The bookie business has changed a lot, thanks to the Internet. The price per head system has taken a lot of the daily aggravation of monitoring betting lines away from bookies and allowed bookies to focus on their business. But you still need to have what it takes if you want to be a successful bookie.A good bookie is, above all things, persistent. Bookies come across problems constantly, and a person who tends to fold under pressure may find the bookie business not to his liking halfway through the first day. But the successful bookie is persistent when it comes to running and growing his business. He is constantly out looking for new customers and he is always keeping an eye on his business as well. When a problem comes up, he addresses the problem and moves on. His persistence in pursuing success is never-ending.Along with persistence, a good bookie needs patience. Even with something as comprehensive as the price per head system, a bookie will still find bettors who are trying to cheat the system. It pays to have patience and find ways to deal with these bettors. The price per head system has plenty of tools available to prevent people who try to bet on soft lines and other online betting challenges. With a good dose of patience, the online bookie can take all of the necessary steps to remain successful.A sports betting website owner must be dedicated. Being dedicated is like being persistent, but with a focus. You can be persistent and never get anything done, or you can be dedicated and have a plan in place that you are following. A little bit of dedication and persistence mixed together will help a bookie to be successful.The online bookie must be a people person and have good people skills. Even though the business is based online, a proactive bookie knows that he can gather up a lot of clients with offline networking and advertising. The bookie must be seen in the sports bars and other gathering spots of sports bettors to gain a presence for his business. With the price per head system, bookies deal directly with their clients when it comes to financial transactions. It is the perfect opportunity to develop a bond with your clients that could develop into more revenue.Before you take on the task of being a bookie, you will want to make sure that you have the right kind of personality. The traits you need to be a bookie will be the skills that you use to build a successful and profitable business.