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NFL Bookie Losses to Learn From

Online Bookies Can Learn From Unexpected NFL Blows To Sportsbooks

It’s always important to check out what happened the week before in the NFL. By doing so, pay per head agents get better at knowing how to handle bad bookie losses.

Bookie losses are going to happen. The best bookmakers can do is put things in place to dampen any bad bookie losses.

Check out the 3 games in NFL Week 11 that could have cost agents major profit.

NFL Week 11 Games

Washington Redskins +9.5 at New Orleans Saints -9.5

The Saints went from being a -7.5 favorite to a -9.5 favorite. In many cases, per head agents used their layoff accounts in this game.

Why not? The Saints had covered in 7 straight. They were the hottest team in the NFL going into their battle with Washington.

New Orleans beat Washington 34 to 31. The Saints didn’t get close to covering the spread. Is there a lesson to be learned here?

Yes. No matter how much a bookmaker prepares, bad losses happen. The Saints didn’t cover because shortly after the game started their best cornerback became injured.

Kansas City Chiefs -10 at New York Giants +10

Over 77% of NFL handicappers backed the Chiefs to cover the spread versus the New York Giants. This is another game where online bookie agents most likely used their layoff accounts. It made sense.

The Giants have one of the worst defenses in the NFL. The Chiefs have one of the best offenses in the NFL.

What happened? The Giants upset the Chiefs 12 to 9. Unlike the lesson learned from the Saints’ game, the lesson learned when the Giants beat the Chiefs is to always look at the favorite’s against the spread history.

Before their bye, the Chiefs had gone 1 and 3 against the spread. Logic dictated that Kansas City might have a hard time covering the spread unless they had made some change during their bye week.

Before blindly utilizing the layoff account, always handicap the game yourself. That’s the way to make the most profit.

Detroit Lions -3 at Chicago Bears +3

Detroit pushed in this game. They beat the Chicago Bears 27 to 24. The tool that per head agents should have used in this game is the line mover.

By adding a half a point up or down, agents wouldn’t have had to make any refunds on this game.

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