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Bettor and Bookie Top 10

Price Per Agents: Top 10 Sports Betting Events in 2017

2016 has been a memorable year for both the bettor and the bookies. It was a year of ups and downs. offers industry-leading price per head software. We support our agents with tangible information concerning all sports.

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Price Per Head Highlights of 2016

European championship final was surprising when Portugal claimed its major football trophy against the outstanding France football squad.

As the host country, they were also the favorite to most bettors.
Without the proper tools, online bookies potentially lost big during this game if their pro bettors tool Portugal as the underdog.

Cronulla sharks were not just outstanding but amazing in the Rugby sport, and during the Rio Olympics which was the first ever held in south America and also the first ever to feature golf and rugby in more than 90 years.

As history will never forget the Western Bulldogs who were fortunate to end the misery of 60 huge years with an amazing title which is the AFL Grand Final.

History will also favor the Cleveland and Chicago Cubs that excellently pen a new historic achievement in the USA.

To make it short, there were a lot of tournament that turns all sports fans got excited about last year. And here comes a new year!

Bookies will have to learn from mistakes and make the past memories the hidden card that may be flipped out if needed during betting this year.

Top 10 betting events of 2017

1. AFL premiership grand final

Will there be a top dog among these guys? Adelaide, Sydney, the doggies, the GWS Giants, and all others. Their performances this year should clarify.

2. Le Tour de France 2017

July is always a special time of the year dedicated to cycling specialists to prove their worth, and 2017 will be no different.

The 104 Tour de France will commence in Düsseldorf; the first city in Germany to host the grand departs since 1987. Any pro bettor or cycle enthusiast will want to see this event in your sportsbook.

3. Hockey

It is apparent that the NHL season continues in 2017. And this year’s IIHF World Juniors should have garnered online bookies some major thrilling actions.

4. Soccer

The Africa Cup of Nations begins January 14 and ends February 5. With all other soccer games like The Premiership, La Liga, German Bundesliga, and Serie A, happening after.

Soccer is a popular one for bettors. And arguably the most bet on sport, outside of the Super Bowl. Serious soccer bettors are going to be all over each game. And it’s a sport that can fill in after the Super Bowl LI

5. Super Bowl Li

This listicle is not in order of most bet on to least. Otherwise, the Super Bowl Li would be at the top. Price per head agents should already be ready for this event with their prop bets in. If you’re not, you’re already behind.

Find out at the bottom how, as an online bookie, you can mitigate risk during such high-stakes, highly bet on sport, like NFL Super Bowl LI. Prepare yourself with the NFL Super Bowl LI: Futures, Favorites, and Betting Odds for online bookies.

Remaining 5

6. Australian Open 2017
7. The Ashes 2017-2018
8. Boxing begins January 12
9. Fifa Confederation Cup
10. Mixed Martial Arts

How Price Per Head Agents Can Manage Risk

During any of the games, online bookies should be well informed of the odds and predictions for every sport. Reading up on each event, and keeping track, will help online bookies grow their bottom line efficiently.

Having the right tools and the right sportsbook management software will go a long way. offers the best service in the business.

Becoming a PayPerHead agent will prepare you for 2017. Make it your winning year this 2017 and grow your business.

Using tools like the Mass Editing tool offered by PayPerHead can save bookies time when setting max betting limits. These tools can be used to make sure your bettors don’t clear the bank and you can keep your paychecks coming.

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