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2019 MLB World Series Futures: Odds & Strategies for Your Sportsbook

In less than a month, Major League Baseball throws first pitch on the 2019 MLB Regular Season. Online bookie agents should start promoting World...

How Selection Sunday Works & Top Predictions For Your Sportsbook

March Madness truly begins this Sunday on March 17 when the NCAA Men’s College Basketball Tournament field is set. Dubbed Selection Sunday, the NCAA...

Social Media Marketing is Essential to Your Online Betting Business

Most online bookie agents are hesitant to promote their businesses. This makes sense. Even though the Supreme Court knocked down a law that banned...

NCAA Basketball Tips: Create A Strategy Using The PayPerHead Line Mover

  The NCAA Men’s College Basketball Tournament kicks off the week of March 18. All PayPerHead agents should promote wagering on the NCAA Tournament....

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About Wall Street bookies and ESPN gambling columns

It never ceases to amaze me the fact that sports gambling isn’t completely illegal in America yet, where everybody bets in one form or another: Either with a bookie, or online, in a racetrack, on a boat or in an Indian Reservation casino. And when we’re not betting in those places, at least we’re buying lottery tickets from any of the lotteries in 43 states (check the numbers in Wikipedia if you don’t believe me), or playing poker or bingo or playing fantasy football, which by the way feels very, very much like sports betting. read more

How can a bookie make $750,000 a year? Success with Price Per Head, one agent’s story

As founder of Payperhead.com, Michael T. has the reputation of being the most innovative operator in the Pay Per Head industry. Michael T. invented the PPH concept about a decade ago.

The one market that had always been eluded by offshore bookmakers was the ‘guy who likes dealing with his credit bookmaker’. But this market was not eluded by Michael T. and his company. Instead, he devised a business model that helps bring “corner bookies” into the 21st century bookmaking industry. This business model involves a direct attack upon the onshore bookmaking establishment; it involves partnering with bookmakers and agents onshore, as opposed to attempting to steal their business.

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The new approach of offshore bookmaking: Helping the bookies instead of competing for customers

For many years, offshore sportsbooks and bookies looked at each other with poker faces. The offshore sportsbooks, in fact, tried to steal part of the street bookmaking business at least between 1998 up to 2006. That year was when the price per head or pay per head business model started to lure more than one post up sportsbook and emerged as a viable revenue generator for the offshore gambling industry. You could easily argue that in this bookmaking battle, the bookies won. read more

Bookies in foreign countries and the appeal of gambling worldwide

If you, as an agent or bookie, have ever wondered if there are bookies in other countries, the short answer to that question is yes. Or at least, yes in the countries where sports betting is illegal like in the US. I found an interesting article of how the agent business looks like in Pakistan and India, but what I found most interesting is the fact that when governments make the decision to ban a public pastime all they get in return is a host of problems. Just remember The Noble Experiment, best known as “the prohibition”. The thinking behind the banning of sports betting in India and Pakistan has created problems for cricket, an unintended consequence. Here in America, all it creates is inconvenience for the millions of bettors who place their recreational bets every weekend. read more

How to Pick a Price Per Head Company

The number of Price Per Head providers has grown exponentially over the few years with entrants to the marketplace almost daily. With so many choices, the big question is: “How do I know which Price Per Head provider or sports book to choose?”

When evaluating an offshore operation, it is often difficult to sort through the facts, for this reason, you must rely on the following to make a sound choice:

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A Tale of a Pittsburgh Bookie

Considering I have been employed in the bookie industry for just about all of my adult life, I’m always searching the web for sports gambling stories. Every few weeks I’ll come across a story on how some corner bookie got pinched.

Last week, I read an article about a 51-year old man by the name of Sidney Jay Winfrey from outside of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. Mr. Winfrey was not only into sports bookmaking, but also ran unlawful lottery games.

Obviously, there is nothing wrong with Mr. Winfrey’s chosen profession. Although I have always concentrated on being a sports bookie, dating back a couple decades when I was taking bets out of an undisclosed bar in Philadelphia, I never dabbled in the lottery – but I had some associates who did.

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