As an online bookie, you need to be aware of those betting events that bring in the casual bettors to help enhance the revenue that you get from your regular customers. During the course of the year, events such as the Super Bowl and the World Series bring in bettors that normally do not place sports bets. One of the more popular, and potentially profitable, sports events that you must be prepared for is the annual college basketball March Madness tournament.When you subscribe to the price per head betting system, your website will be prepared to take advantage of this event that can bring you a revenue boost that will make your year more profitable. The reason that the March Madness tournament is so important is because it happens over the span of weeks and even casual bettors get caught up in this extended tournament. The Super Bowl is a one-game event and the World Series might last a week.  But March Madness can sustain itself for weeks and make you a lot of money.The most important thing about making money during March Madness is to have competitive betting lines that will keep bettors coming back. Most professional sports betting website owners understand that it does not make sense to create betting lines that are so skewed towards the bettors that they will not make them any money because they will be giving it away. Do not use the March Madness tournament as a time to try and attract repeat customers. Instead, focus your efforts on generating as much profit as you can for the few weeks that the tournament runs.The price per head system has a staff of experienced bookmakers who are very familiar with March Madness betting and can create profitable betting lines for you. Another important part of your March Madness betting business is to make sure that your betting lines are constantly updated. The odds for March Madness change every day, and you need to make sure your lines are changed to avoid soft lines that can lose you money. The price per head betting experts work around the clock to make sure that you do not have soft betting lines and that your website is always ready to make as much money as possible.When the annual March Madness tournament rolls around, it should be welcomed by online bookies as a chance to make more money. But if you do not have the right Internet betting service monitoring your website, then you could lose money instead of make more. That is why every online bookie needs to subscribe to the price per head system and have a team of professionals on your side at all times. You can even try the first month for free and learn firsthand how the price per head system can make you more money than ever when the college basketball March Madness tournament comes around.