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Artificial Intelligence Set to Increase Pay Per Head Agent’s Profits, Says

SAN JOSE, Costa Rica – July 16, 2018 – Analysts and programmers could become nearly as important as bookies by 2025 in the per head industry. Artificial Intelligence is poised to integrate with online betting platforms in the near future, creating the opportunity for online bookie agents to skyrocket their revenue by covering more markets at once.


The mission of artificial intelligence throughout the sports industry is quite simple: find profitable patterns. To this day, odds and lines have been updated manually by humans who spent more time changing lines than watching the events. The opportunity to automate these elements of industry processes is expected to create the next frontier for the per head industry.


Sports enthusiasts and pay per head agents alike are preparing to use artificial intelligence to track players on the field, analyzing their ball possession, movements, formations, and speed. Bookies of the near future will have the opportunity to combine their insights into betting behaviour with the identifiable patterns provided by artificial intelligence for a huge increase in revenue.


Nate Johnson, Product Manager of says, “The introduction of artificial intelligence to our industry means a better customer experience and data-driven innovation, which ultimately can increase profits significantly.”


However, while many online bookies eagerly await the new technology, it is still in development. Industry experts are skeptical as to how artificial intelligence can incorporate outside variables while making changes to odds and lines. Johnson adds, “While the A.I. the industry is introducing doesn’t pick up on subtle human interactions or emotions, it does help streamline the manual process of updating odds and lines.”


Although the artificial intelligence software has not yet hit industry-leading platforms, Johnson stresses that “the best is yet to come.” Sports enthusiasts and bookmakers from around the world are extremely excited to have this new technology launch throughout the market, with some groups already building artificial intelligence into their wagering strategies.




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