Basketball betting can be fun and exciting. Yet betting on the traditional point spread and money line can get old pretty quickly. It might not return much in the payout, either. That’s why online bookies must be proactive looking for new ways to draw customers. Advanced basketball betting could be the thing that makes wagering on the sport more fun for fans. At the very least, it puts the romance back into the online bookies-bettors-basketball relationship. There are several exciting tips that even the most advanced basketball bettors or online bookies can use to stay sharp. Improve your winnings here:

Prop basketball betting

Prop bets can be quite lucrative for bettors and can pay out far more than traditional bets. Prop bets let bettors wager money on specific players, and can also extend to unique situations not usually. For example, bettors may choose to wager on how many three-point shots Stephen Curry will make during a game. Online bookies should note that prop their bets will probably just be their opinions versus the bettors’ opinions. Much of the information for prop betting doesn’t come from bookmakers. Soi this makes them high-risk, high-reward for online bookies. Pay per head software can automate some of the processes to help you play the odds—make sure to account for human error! To grow your books get the right software, made by bookies, for bookies. Get PayPerHead for only $6.50 per head today.

Futures basketball betting

Futures basketball betting is exactly like it sounds. Bettors and online bookies wager on the future of the game. Betting on the futures allows bettors to place a bet on a team or league prior to the season or competition’s start. Bettors then watch the season play out in all its glory, hoping to strike gold. This type of bet offers good value at the beginning of the season. Once the season begins, odds can change on a dime—it’s definitely for the thrill-seekers out there.

Half or quarter basketball betting

What this type of bet allows is for bettors to wager on the half or quarters of a particular game. Rather than waiting for the full game to finish, bettors can wager on the result of the quarter. The same is done for half basketball betting, and they’re both popular with NBA games. There is no need to worry about the entire game this way, and bettors can enjoy four bets throughout the match-up. The most successful online bookies can bring in more bettors through software because so much of the process becomes automated. The free time alone is a key asset to reinvest in growing your book or planning the next bets.

Accumulator multiples basketball betting

Bettors make a wager on two or more selections. They will make these selections on one or more basketball games. The Selections must all be accurate for the bettors to win. The more teams and results bettors select, the more chances they have of winning large amounts of money. This also raises the odds, adding thrill to the game. While bettors increase the potential payouts by adding teams, their chances of winnings decreases. Despite this, accumulators are great fun and extremely popular. PayPerHead’s software can provide online bookies with all the essentials when it comes to prop bets and basketball betting. Grow your book the smart way and join PayPerHead.com during the half off discount happening now. For only $6.50 per head agents can experience what makes premium actually premium