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Switch Players to Cryptocurrency

3 Marketing Tactics To Switch Your Bettors To Cryptocurrency

By now, most online bookie agents know about PayPerHead’s new agent payment system. The new agent payment system only works if agents have switched from fiat currency to cryptocurrency.

Once an agent does that, the next thing an agent must do is convince players to switch to cryptocurrency transactions.

First, check out a refresher on the new agent payment system. Second, check out 3 ways bookie agents can convince their players to switch to cryptocurrency.

PayPerHead New Agent Payment System

Bullet points on the PayPerHead.com’s new agent payment system:

  • Request withdrawals from their layoff/billing account without the need to contact billing.
  • Receive deposits from their players using cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin)
  • Send payouts to players through those same cryptocurrencies
  • Goes both ways – Player to agent and agent to player

The biggest hurdle to using the new agent payment system is to convince players to switch from fiat currency to cryptocurrency.

Here are 3 ways to convince players to do that:

1. Cryptocurrency transactions don’t involve a middle man

Players that haven’t made the switch often use credit cards to deposit into their betting accounts. Credit cards not only charge fees, but they’re often nosey.

Cryptocurrency cuts out the middleman, the credit card company.

When a player deposits into their betting accounts, the transactions happen between the player and you, their pay per head agent. No middleman exists.

Just keeping their business away from credit card companies is a reason to make the switch.

2. Cryptocurrency transactions are faster and safer

Hackers can and do steal cryptocurrencies that exist on computer hard drives connected to the Internet. That’s why it’s important for both players and agents to cold store most of their cryptocurrencies.

Just don’t give any hackers access to their cryptocurrency.

Find Out More About How To Store Your Cryptocurrency Safely.

Although hackers can steal cryptocurrencies stored on hard drives connected to the Internet, it’s almost impossible for hackers to steal actual transactions.

Those hackers can’t lift transactions while they’re happening because transactions happen so fast and because transactions are peer-to-peer.

The lack of a middleman means there’s no gateway for hackers to lift transactions.

3. Per head agents can make faster payouts

This is the golden handcuffs. Right here. What player doesn’t want faster payouts? PayPerHead’s new agent payment system allows bookie agents to make faster payouts.

No longer must players set up a time to meet with their agents.

Agents simply pay players in cryptocurrencies. Players immediately receive their payouts. They can redeposit those payouts or put the cryptocurrency into cold storage.

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