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3 Step Crypto Convergence

Sometimes, online bookies don’t like change. The most important change they can make to their sportsbooks might be one that provides so much more money to the bottom line that it’s necessary.

What’s that change? Switching traditional, or fiat, currency to cryptocurrency.

Check out a 3-Step Method we’ve developed to turn traditional currency bookies into cryptocurrency bookies.

Find Out All The Benifits Of Becoming A Cryptocurrency Bookie Right Here!

Mobile + Crypto + QB Direct = Profit

Any equation that leads to profit in your sportsbook is one you need to learn!

Check out our infographic with the steps you need to make the change and make more money!

3 steps to crypto Convergence

Step #1: You’ve Already Gone Mobile!

Most of us are former bookies. If we’re not bookies, we have extensive knowledge in the sportsbook industry, including knowing how players think.

That’s why when we developed an interface that allows your players to easily wager online, we knew it’d be a hit.

What we weren’t sure about was how bookmakers might feel. After all, switching from pen and paper and landlines to mobile phones had been hard enough.

Now, we were encouraging bookies to fully switch to mobile, to run their businesses not through desktops, but through their smartphones.

Guess what? You guys did it no problem!

You made the switch, you changed without thinking about it.

We thought it important to point out how easily you changed before we get into Step #2. Change is easy for you. Remember that.

Step #2: Cryptocurrency and Mobile are a Heaven Made Marriage

Since you’ve already gone mobile, why not make transactions in the most mobile-centric currencies ever developed? Nothing gets better for online, on the go, mobile transactions than cryptocurrency.

The best part? We accept all relevant cryptocurrencies:

    • Bitcoin
    • Ripple
    • LiteCoin
    • Ethereum.

Bitcoin’s the granddaddy and most adopted cryptocurrency available. We do a deeper dive into Bitcoin in Step #3.

LiteCoin’s creators decided to develop Bitcoin’s little sister after watching Bitcoin’s price skyrocket. LiteCoin might be a more palatable cryptocurrency for some bookies.

Ripple’s backed by no other than Bank of America. Once B of A accepts Ripple transactions from their customers, it could become one of the top utilized cryptocurrencies in the world.

Every year, Microsoft runs an Ethereum Symposium. Heavy hitters like the original heavyweight Silicon Valley company joins Microsoft’s Ethereum Symposium.

If Bank of America, Microsoft, and the rest of the world has begun to accept cryptocurrencies, why haven’t you?

The most important reason you should change?

Not only will we hand you a 5% rebate on your first crypto deposit, but our new agent payment system provides faster player deposits, faster payouts, and faster collections because it’s based on cryptocurrency transactions.

The faster you can improve your cash flow process, the more profit you stand to make.

Step #3: Use QuickBit’s QB Direct

Most pay per head agents who make the switch might want to start with Bitcoin. For those that do, the best way to purchase Bitcoin for transactions is through a company called QB Direct.

A Swedish publicly traded company, QuickBit allows individuals to easily purchase Bitcoin via their Mastercard or Visa card.

At PayPerHead, we offer QB Direct. This means that you can automatically deposit bitcoin into your agent account using your Visa or Mastercard.

Don’t be fooled by the $100 for 1 cent in Bitcoin. The value of Bitcoin is determined by need. Also, there’s a finite number of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin’s creator, Satoshi Nakamoto, created only 21 million Bitcoin. Once the 21 millionth Bitcoin has been mined, all Bitcoin plates self-destruct, meaning there will never be more than 21 million Bitcoins.

Right now, humans have mined 12,446,725 Bitcoins.

Get your feet wet with Bitcoin. You can switch to a different cryptocurrency after using Bitcoin for a while.

There’s also a great chance that QuickBit starts accepting other cryptocurrencies, especially Ethereum and LiteCoin, which are the second and third most adopted available cryptocurrencies.

Change can be difficult. We know that, but in this case, it’s necessary to change. You’ve already made a big change by going mobile.

Now, all you must do is switch from traditional currency transactions to cryptocurrency transactions.

By using the QB Direct deposit by Quick, pay per head agents can start speeding up their cash flow process in addition to getting their feet wet with the granddaddy of all cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin.

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