Updated NBA Championship Odds & Strategies For Your Sportsbook

Mar 7, 2019 | NBA

NBA Championship odds have changed from what they were even before the all-star game. Golden State is still a massive favorite, but some teams that offered low odds, like the L.A. Lakers, are now at around +2000.

Pay per head agents should keep reading for an update on NBA Championship Odds. They should also, read about what online bookies can do to manage NBA Championship futures betting.

NBA Championship Odds: Warriors Hold Steady as Favorites

    Golden State Warriors -230

    Toronto Raptors +750

    Boston Celtics +950

    Milwaukee Bucks +950

    Philadelphia 76ers +1000

    Houston Rockets +1600

    L.A. Lakers +2000

    Denver Nuggets +2200

Golden State Remains a Massive Favorite

The Warriors are huge, massive, favorites again to win the NBA Championship.

Golden State, going for their third title in a row, looks like the best team in the NBA, but they don’t always play like the best team in the NBA.

This might be the year pay per head agents allow as many wagers on Golden State to win the championship as possible.

It’s a risk, but even if Golden State wins the Western Conference over a team like the Rockets or Nuggets, they must then face one of the top 3 teams in the East:

  • Toronto
  • Milwaukee
  • Boston.

That’s not a slam dunk.

Raptors and Bucks are Legit

Boston entered the NBA Season the favorite from the Eastern Conference to win the NBA Championship. Although the Celtics remain a contender, they’re not close to the Raptors or Bucks in terms of their true chances of winning the East and beating the Warriors.

Both Toronto and Milwaukee matchup better than Boston does.

Make sure max betting limits are on the Raptors and Bucks. Give more room to players looking to back the Boston Celtics to win the title.

Denver, Philadelphia, and Houston Can Take It

As long as Houston has James Harden, they can win the NBA Championship.

The Rockets don’t offer as much value as either the 76ers or the Nuggets because those teams have better chances of winning the title than the Rockets do.

The Nuggets remain one of the most solid teams in the league. Denver could use team ball to upset Golden State and then beat the Eastern Conference champ.

The 76ers are loaded with talent. If that talent comes together in the playoffs, watch out!

Set Max Betting Limits on Portland

The only other big piece of advice is to set max betting limits on the Portland Trailblazers. At no less than +5000 to win the NBA Championship, Portland has been on fire.

The Trailblazers might boast the best backcourt in the NBA while center Jusuf Nurkic is one of the top 5 centers in the league.

Portland could pull off the unthinkable.

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