NHL Conference Finals: Protect Profits and Promote The Right Bets

May 10, 2018 | NHL

The NHL Conference Finals are almost set. It’s time for online bookie agents to consider NHL Stanley Cup futures. Pay per head agents must also protect profits.

Keep reading to find out how.

NHL Conference Finals Update

The Eastern Conference Finals are set. On Friday, May 11, the Tampa Bay Lightning square off against the Washington Capitals. The Western Conference Finals aren’t yet set.

The Nashville Predators and Winnipeg Jets battle in Game 7 on Thursday, May 10.

To ensure we’ve covered all our bases, we’ve added both the Jets and Predators to this blog .

Stanley Cup odds.

    Tampa Bay Lightning +245

    Vegas Golden Knights +340

    Winnipeg Jets +340

    Washington Capitals +600

    Nashville Predators +990

Tampa Bay beat Boston 4 games to 1. The Lightning should be the favorites to win the Stanley Cup. They dominated a decent Boston squad, one that was favored over the Lightning at the beginning of the NHL Playoffs.

Not only that, but Tampa Bay ranks first in NHL in goals scored per match. The Lightning average 3.5 goals per.

The Vegas Golden Knights look close to unbeatable. They beat a tough San Jose Sharks squad in Round 2. Vegas will be a heavy favorite over either Winnipeg or Nashville.

Speaking of Winnipeg and Nashville, it should be difficult for the Predators to beat Winnipeg in Game 7. Then again, Nashville and Winnipeg have fought each other this entire season.

One team will win while the other won’t.

By the time most pay per head agents read this, the Game 7 winner might already have been determined.

That leaves us with the Washington Capitals. Do the Capitals have any shot of upsetting Tampa Bay in the Eastern Conference Finals? The Lightning beat the Caps in 2 out of 3 regular season games.

The Caps head into the Eastern Conference Finals has already taken down the defending Stanley Cup champion Pittsburgh Penguins.

Washington has some momentum. So, yes, the Caps do have a shot to win 4 games in a 7-game series versus the Tampa Bay Lightning.

How To Protect Profit

How should per head agents handle future betting on the Stanley Cup? First, you should realize that either Nashville or Winnipeg will drop off this list in a matter of 24 hours.

That means agents might want to wait before doing anything.

Once they know who will battle Vegas in the Western Conference Finals, agents should set max betting limits on all 4 remaining teams. That’s correct.

There’s too much parity in the National Hockey League, especially in the NHL Playoffs, to expect that one team has what it takes to beat any other team left in the final four.

Set max betting limits on all teams to protect NHL Playoff profits.