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Per Head Industry Attributes $150 Billion Per Year Growth to a Growing Demographic

The per head and bookie industry has seen a significant growth over the past year, with over $150 billion dollars being bet through bookies already so far in 2018. While profits soar throughout the industry each year, PayPerHead gives insight towards the growth; attributing a significant uptick in a key customer demographic.

PayPerHead offers the most popular per head software in the sportsbook per head industry. Their easy-to-use, mobile friendly and premium software allows people with little to no sports betting experience to start their own sportsbook companies and make serious money.

In previous years, the per head industry saw a growth in college students becoming bookies. Those students used their bookie profits to pay down and, in some cases, pay off their college education debt. With little to no experience providing sports betting services, some students paid off their college debt before graduating.


We can attribute much of the rise in college students becoming bookies to the rise in college students betting on sports. According to the NPGAW:

  • 67% of college students bet on sports
  • 30% of male athlete college students bet on sports
  • 75% of college students gambled during the past year
  • 41% of college students play the lottery
  • 38% of college students play card games


College students aren’t the only demographic that’s seen an uptick that’s led to billions of dollars of per head industry growth:


“We’ve seen a significant increase of white-collar workers, stay-at-home moms, small business owners and ultimate sports fans starting their own successful businesses from the comfort of their home,” says Nate Johnson, Product Manager at


According to a recent report, approximately 3.9 million Americans – 2.9% of the total U.S. Workforce, currently work from home at least once a week. It is predicted that more than one-third of employees will work remotely within the next 10 years.


As the American workforce experiences a 30% increase in professionals working from home, statistics support a dramatic growth for the per head industry.

“PayPerHead is experiencing a direct correlation between the increase of entrepreneurs working from home, and the significant growth throughout the industry.”


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