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Predictions NHL Hockey Sportsbook

2019 NHL Sportsbook Predictions

10 Bold NHL Sportsbook Predictions For Online Bookies

2018-2019 NHL Regular Season starting day is here! Check out 10 bold predictions to help you manage your NHL Sportsbook

Don’t worry, we add pay per head tips for every prediction.

10 NHL Sportsbook Predictions

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NHL Sportsbook Prediction #1:

Chicago Blackhawks will have major goaltending problems

Because of a concussion, Corey Crawford won’t return to the crease until around Oct. 18.

Even when he does return to the crease, it’s common knowledge that Crawford’s best goal-tending days are behind him.

Bookie Move: Set max betting limits on Blackhawks totals

Prediction #2:

Florida Panthers will make the playoffs

For only the third time this century, the Florida Panthers should make the playoffs.

Bookie Move: Set max betting limits on Florida money line bets when the Panthers show up as either less than -200 favorites, or more than +200 dogs.

Prediction #3:

Los Angeles’ offense won’t be any better this season with Ilya Kovalchuk than it was last season without him

L.A.’s counting on Kovalchuk to provide a bunch of points in NHL the way he provided a bunch of points in IHL. That could happen.

Most likely it won’t because Kovalchuk skates slow, just like the rest of the Kings’ offense.

Bookie Move: Set max betting limits on L.A. Kings total

Prediction #4:

Ryan Johansen should boost Nashville’s goal production

Ryan Johansen is a great player. If he adds +55 points like some NHL analysts believe, Nashville should score goals like crazy.

Bookie Move: Set max betting limits on Nashville totals

Prediction #5:

Nolan Patrick will lead Philadelphia to the playoffs

Not only could Nolan Patrick lead the Philadelphia Flyers to the Eastern Conference Playoffs, but he might also lead the Flyers to a Stanley Cup victory. Right now, Philly’s offering big odds to win the Cup.

Bookie Move: Set max betting limits on the Philadelphia Flyers to win the Stanley Cup

Prediction #6:

San Jose’s Erik Karlsson should lead to unders in Sharks games all season long

Erik Karlsson is such a magnificent defensive player that the Sharks might end up the best defensive team in the Western Conference, maybe, even the NHL. Often, the team with the best defense wins in the playoffs.

Bookie Move: Set max betting limits on Sharks’ totals. Also, set max betting limits on the San Jose Sharks to win the Stanley Cup.

Prediction #7:

The Tampa Bay Lightning will win the Eastern Conference

Tampa Bay shouldn’t miss a beat this season from last season. If not for a Game 7 loss to the Caps in the Eastern Conference Championships, the Lightning might have won the Stanley Cup.

Bookie Move: Set max betting limits on Lightning money lines. Set max betting limits on the Tampa Bay Lightning to win the Stanley Cup.

Prediction #8:

Vegas will make it to the playoffs, but the Golden Knights won’t win the Western Conference

Last season, Vegas surprised everyone with their Western Conference Championships win. Vegas’ Western Conference foes improved during the offseason, though.

They improved so much that Vegas won’t win the Western Conference this season.

Bookie Move: Consider allowing massive sportsbook platform bets on the Vegas Golden Knights to win the Stanley Cup.

Prediction #9:

Toronto’s mediocre defense will lead to another early Eastern Conference Playoff exit

Immediately after Toronto signed excellent center Jonathan Tavares, the Maple Leafs’ Stanley Cup odds dropped down to +700.

That made the Leafs the favorites to win the Stanley Cup. But, Toronto’s defense will become a liability once the playoffs start.

Bookie Move: Consider allowing big action on the Toronto Maple Leafs to win the Stanley Cup

Prediction #10:

Winnipeg’s awesome defense and goal play will lead the Jets to a Stanley Cup Championship

Winnipeg should have the best defense in NHL this season. Not only that, but Jets’ goalie Connor Hellebuyck should win the Vezina Trophy this season.

Bookie Move: Set max betting limits on the Winnipeg Jets to win the Stanley Cup

The NHL Seasoon is in full swing, stay on top the games, and keep your players betting.

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