Let’s face it, PayPerHead is what it is because of our amazing team. Using our core values to guide us, both our in-house staff and associates have been able to deliver consistently exceptional results to our agents and their players. From the developers building an amazing suite of tools, to the service team providing outstanding support, we’ve got you and your players covered!  

Bobby R.

“My players are pretty discerning. PayPerHead helps me keep them happy, which keeps my business running smoothly.” Queens, New York

Jim T.

“Great service, but the layoff account just seals the deal.” San Francisco, California

Rick D.W.

“My claims are tracked, and my action is up. The service just works.” Hoboken, New Jersey

Tony T.

“The new poker offering is fantastic.” Brooklyn, New York

Roger G.

“All I know is, my players are happy and my business is up.” Stockton, California

Tim B.

“There are just too many reasons to go with PayPerHead. These guys live football.” Houston, Texas

Bobby M.

“I wish I had signed up for the service ten years ago. The mobile betting is making a huge difference with my business.” New York, New York

David J.

“What can I say? You guys helped make last year’s football season one of my most profitable.” Atlantic City, New Jersey

Frank T.

“I’ve been able to take on more players and see my profits and business go up since I signed on.” Newark, New Jersey

Cody D.

“I’ll never work with any other per-head service. There’s a reason why you guys are number one.” Dallas, Texas

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