Price Per Head Sportsbook – We Grow With Your Business There is a reason why the Pay Per Head sportsbook software service is the most popular choice among bookmakers who are just starting out on the Internet. Our pricing structure is right in our name. We only charge you for the customers that you have. We are not a subscription service that charges a flat monthly fee. We charge you a fee for each customer you have on your site. You pay per head for each customer that you have and you never pay for more action than your site generates. The problem with subscription services is that they will only do just enough to keep your business going. You are paying the same amount per month as the bookmaker who has half as many clients as you do. The problem is that your business requires twice the attention. When you use the Pay Per Head service, we are able to put more resources on your website as your business grows because you are generating more revenue. You get the same high quality service you got when your business was smaller. The difference is that we can scale the amount of people who work on your site because it is generating more online betting revenue. As your business becomes more successful, you will need more betting experts working on your site to help keep up with the demand. With a subscription service, it is difficult for the company to put more people to work on your growing website because your flat monthly rate does not allow for more resources to be concentrated on your site. With our pay per head system, you will always have the right amount of resources working for you and making sure that your customers get the service they need.
Our online staff offers critical services such as:
  • Monitoring player accounts to make sure payouts are done promptly
  • Constantly checking betting lines to make the proper adjustments
  • Keeping track of the activity generated by each individual customer
  • Offering the best customer service in the bookmaking industry by phone and over the Internet
  • Opening up options such as horse racing and online casino gaming that you may have never been able to offer to your customers in the past
When it comes to having the right kind of betting software for your bookmaking business, there is no such thing as a “one size fits all” approach. As your business grows, you need to be assured that all of your clients will get the attention they need and that your business will remain profitable. The Pay Per Head bookmaking management system is a scalable, online software program that grows with your business. As you gain more customers, we put more experts to work on keeping your site up and going. That frees you up to go out and bring in even more customers to help grow your business. When your business requires additional attention, we know exactly how to provide it and we have the resources available to keep your business profitable.

PPH makes it easy to be the boss. Just do what you're good at, and lean on PPH's smart online bookie software for help.