As long as there has been betting, there has been betting on horses as they do not call it “the sport of kings” for nothing. Horse betting is one of the busier sports you will find in the industry, but there are not a lot of players that know how to wager on the ponies

The betting industry has been constantly moving forward with technology, and that means players have to move with the game because if they do not, they will be left behind. There is a lot that players have to figure out when they are betting online, and by using price per head sites, they can not

Make no mistake about it; American football is the cornerstone of betting in North America. There is nothing like the Super Bowl when it comes to betting online and the sheer amount of prop bets you can make on the game is astounding, although most of the fun might come from betting on aspects outside

As a bookie in the online betting industry, you should be looking for anything that enhances the betting experience for your players as they have tons of options and can find action somewhere else. A price per head site can give you the support you need to give your players options, definitely more options than

Most players are used to the old-school method of gambling, which is having to track down a bookie either in person or by phone, and then laying their bet. But now the game has moved online, and a lot has changed for the player, mostly for the better as online betting has allowed for more

While many bookies get into the game because they love betting and the excitement it brings. However, there are probably more than entered the industry because they like money and making a profit. The industry has changed a lot due to the internet as players now have more options to bet on, and as a

As a bookie breaking into the online world, you should considering what price per head company you are going to be working with because quite frankly, this is the easiest way to enter the business. If you have been a “traditional” bookie for a long time, you have the basics down, but there is a

The business world is always changing and yet, there are still some things that stay the same and will always be bricks in the foundation. One of those bricks is the art of customer retention, which is essentially a question of how you plan to keep your players with you now that you have persuaded

As a bookie in the betting world, your reputation has always been what has powered your business. But now with the power of the internet, that has increased tenfold as your price per head site can sink or swim based on the word that goes around about you while you are online. That is why

The internet has revolutionized the game of betting, and that means bookies have to work differently in order to get to the top. That means learning how to use the internet to build your brand, and working with price per head companies in order to minimize your costs and get everything you need to provide