Bookie Software How It Makes You Money If you are a bookmaker who still uses a pen and paper to run his business, then you are missing out on the long list of benefits that the Pay Per Head online betting software has to offer. When you run your bookmaking business manually, you are limited by things such as: PayperHead bookie software
  • Your ability to keep track of a limited number of games at the same time
  • Your limited information gathered to try and create accurate lines
  • Your inability to take the time to analyze your players and see which one are taking advantage of your soft lines
  • The general constraints of trying to keep manual records to run your bookmaking business
In an ideal world, a bookmaker would only be concerned with bringing in more customers and he would have a service take care of the details. When you use the Pay Head online bookmaking management service to run your business, then you will be living in an ideal world. We have a complete service set up that will get your business online and free you up to go find as many customers as possible. The best part is that you only pay for the customers that actually use your service. We don’t charge you an over-inflated monthly rate that has nothing to do with your business. We only charge you for the customers you have. That means that the more you are paying for your online service, the more successful your business is.
We know how difficult it is to run a bookmaking business because our staff is made up of bookmaking experts with years of experience. When you utilize our betting services, we will set you up with everything your business could need to be successful. Our services include:
  • Complete web design services by expert designers
  • A dashboard where you can easily track all of your action and see how much money you are making every day
  • Features that allow you to track the activity of your more successful customers so that you can determine ways to alter your softer lines
  • A choice of over 80 sports leagues from all over the world
  • Bookmaking experts who set your lines for you by using the latest information available and their many years of experience
  • The ability to set your own lines if you so choose
  • An easy account set-up system for your clients that can get them started right away
  • An online horse racing option that allows your customers to get involved in horse racing action
  • An online casino that will allow you to drive more revenue by offering online casino gambling
Our bookie software is so comprehensive that all you need to do is market your website and find more customers. Our offshore operation is perfectly legal, so you do not have to worry about those challenges. This is the perfect way for you to move your bookmaking business to the Internet and start making more money than you could have ever imagined. Call Center Service 24/7 at Payperhead

PPH makes it easy to be the boss. Just do what you're good at, and lean on PPH's smart online bookie software for help.