About PayPerHead Sportsbook Software – Learn About Our Bookie Management Platform

PayPerHead develops sports betting and bookie management software, providing a robust player experience and offers you the most secure agent service in the industry. For years, bookie management was about betting slips and tracking claims – and you know what – it didn’t work. PayPerHead is the game changer that offers bookies the tools they need to keep players happy.

PayPerHead Premium Recommended by 98% of our customers

In a recent agent-satisfaction survey, 98% of PayPerHead agents said they would recommend PayPerHead to their friends or other agents. We never stop working to make our agents happy and feel proud about PPH.

Top Security In The Industry

PayPerHead offers unparalleled security. Triple-redundant phone-lines. A state of the art data center in Panama, the banking capital of Latin America. We go further to protect the integrity and confidentiality of your data. Full Bookie Support Call Center for PayperHead Bookie Software We help you manage your time. Our Call Center will cover any inquiries when you are not available. All the answers to your questions or those from your players we will manage in a swiftly and professional manner. Have any questions of your own? Call us we are here to help you. Follow Pay per Head on Facebook

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